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Could use some general advice, also failing at Kruul

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I've been trying to kill Kruul again today and I might as well be headbutting a brick wall.

I can't even get Inquisitor Variss down, I think my best attempt is about 50%, that Mind Rend of his is just tearing me apart. I'm spamming IP when ever I have the rage, but it just isn't enough. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong, I'm watching videos and reading about people with a lower ilvl then me being able to do it, but I seem to spend all of my team running around trying to get a victory rush off the adds.

If I could just get to Kruul I would be happy!


Here's a link to my character


For the fight I was using a Flask of the Countless Armies flask and some spare haste food I had, can't rememebr the name.


I do have 2 additional legendaries, but they're Arm/Fury.


I appreciate any help.

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Hi Kranon

I have to admit, the challenge is probably the hardest challange i ever did in wow and it took me a lot trys to find the best way. That has been said: you have to find your own way, because there are different tactics and not everyone fits to your playstile.


It is possible to do the challenge without the legendary bracers, but it is a bit harder. I used the bracers and shoulders for more mobility. Other use the belt or prydaz...as i said, there are different tactics and playstiles. I just recommend to have high haste (30%+) and versatility as high as possible. This will help for rage-generation, dmg and suvivability. 


I could write a big story, but there are some guides out there. As i was starting with the challenge, i used this guide, it gives you a good overview how you could play it. 

There was also a good discussion on MMO-Champion, there you can find some more informations and tips: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2240574-Highlord-s-Return/page2?highlight=challenge+warrior

Even i didn't give you specific help i hope this will get you through the first phase and hopefully leads to a victory over Kruul!


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