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Affli with Demo OS

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I was thinking that since the stat priority from destro doesn't go very well with neither of the other specs the best solution would be to gem/reforge for affli while using demo in fights with lots of small adds.


What would be the stat priority for this? 


reaching the 9kish in haste then all into mastery?


or the 13kish and the rest into mastery?



I used to go with 15kish haste in demo to boost my single target, but since single target was super nerfed i dont think i should keep the same stat priority if i wanna have demo for fights with many little adds that die fast. (immersus H, sha of pride H, etc)

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Im running the same specs right now, they seem to work well. The stat prio for destru can work easily with affli though. Destru bennifits from haste and mastery like any other spec. I would recomend going for the 9k affli haste cap and then putting everything else into mastery. If you really want to min/max for each fight, when you go demo reforge down to the 8100 cap and then get more mastery.

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