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Unholy DK trinket question

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I have a 920 Engine of Eradication and a 915 Specter of Betrayal.  However, I also have a 905 Convergence. Is it still worth it to use the Convergence or should I go with the higher ilvl trinkets? SIms I have run suggest no but, thought I would ask here.

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I would see it a bit differently. Both Engine and Specter are good, Specter is fantastic if used properly, however, you have to consider that Specter is only usable on very few encounters as it requires the boss to basically be stationary. Engine is more versatile in that regard. CoF is also still REALLY good, and since yours is actually pretty high, I would actually wear i a lot.The only case where I'd not play it was if your kill time is like 2:30, where you get the same amount of DA's as w/ CoF.


So, summed up:

Wear CoF + Specter on stationary bosses

Wear CoF + Engine on 'normal encounters' (Movement, mechanics etc.)

Wear Engine + Specter for fights where you would not get an extra DA out


This is only my opinion, so feel free to ask questions if you have any.

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