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AMR Weapon Help

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I have been using two 510 2h weapons and just recently received a 1h 528 and a 553 1h. However the 553 is a tank weapon and amr is telling me to use it. Now unless im missing something wouldnt I be laughed out of Azeroth for using a tank weapon for smf? Should I just keep the 2 510 2h or actually listen to amr and use the two new weapons? 



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Information providing the specific weapons would give us more to go on. What you're using, what you have, etc.

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Ok, first of all, don't take what I'm saying here as a general rule, because you're in an exceptional case where the ilvl increase of your weapons is pretty huge.


For a Fury warrior (and to a lesser extend Arms and Prot warriors too) Weapon Damage is a very important stats. So important, in fact, that Warriors will prefer a weapon with a slightly higher ilvl over a weapon with better stats (i.e. I would prefer a 557 weapon with haste over a 553 wepon with Crit).


In your case, the increase is so big that you will prefer the 553+528 to the x2 510 weapons, even though it includes a tanking weapon. However, take note that this 553 weapon is not as good as any other 553, so try and replace it by another 553 weapon as soon as you can.


To answer your last questions, some people will probably laugh at you for using a tanking weapon for SMF, but not only do they not know what's your luck been with loot and therefore why you're using it, they would also probably end up doing the same if they were in the same situation. :)


Hope this helps,




P.S.: As Sajakain said though, being able to see what are the exact weapons you're talking about would help in giving a more precise answer, even though it wouldn't change the final answer.

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As I said, it doesn't change the answer, but if you want to see why, just look at the weapon damage (the actual xxx to xx damage, no the weapon DPS). See how the higher ilvl damage is much higher? That's why you want to use that weapon, since all your main abilities that hit for x% weapon damage use that number.


Of course, if a tanks needs a tanking weapon you shouldn't take it from them just because it has higher damage for you, but if it has higher damage than what you have, and there's no tank around that can use it, you're better using it than having it go to waste. :)

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