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Single-Target Help

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I've been finding myself extremely underperforming in single-target encounters when compared to both sims and other demon hunters in various groups. I tried a new opener and it seemed to help a little, but I still feel like I'm well below where I should be. Any tips would be appreciated. If it's also an issue of legendaries I have 7 others aside from the two I equip, so could it possibly be an issue there? I'm using the two that simmed highest in single target.

My armory

Logs from LFR Maiden of Vigilance and Fallen Avatar

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This question is extremely common, and I also urge you to read other answers. I mainly use vengeance, but from what I can see I am not sure you use blade dance when it is up. Always cast blade dance and felblade when they are up.

I was looking at the wrong character. I dont know really. The times I dps I find that even miniscule errors makes my dps drop. A slightly mistimed chaos blades,  2nd pot at the wrong time. Fury managament not optimal.  

Whats hindering me is fury managment. I either cap or run out..


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anwered wrong char

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