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Until a few weeks ago I played as tank with my DH for the entire expansion. Due some real-life issues i was changed to Havoc few weeks ago.

Due that i played Vengeance till now, i have almost zero Havoc legendary. Anyone can advice that which legendarys i should aim for (where i can target specific slot)? 

Still the Chaos Blade bulid will be top, or due the set bonuses the demonic will shine in 7.3?


Thanks in advance!


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The best havoc legendaries to get are:

 Anger of the Half-GiantsAnger of the Half-Giants

Delusions of GrandeurDelusions of Grandeur

Raddon's Cascading EyesRaddon's Cascading Eyes

Sephuz's SecretSephuz's Secret

Chaos TheoryChaos Theory


Anger is probably the best one to get, as it is useable in any build and will be strong regardless of build, but it is by far the best legendary when using any build that takes demon blades as its tier 2 talent.

Delsusions is the best single-target option for any fight where it gets you an extra meta usage, which is the vast majority.  it's also just a really nice convenience legendary to have, since it lines up your CDs nicely(get at least 1 meta CDR relic).  Best for demon blades builds, but is also really good for demonic in single target since extra meta usages equates to more eye beam resets from demon reborn.

Chaos theory is a surprisingly appropriate name for the item itself, as it's a very chaotic legendary that, in theory, is the strongest in ST.  However, it is an insanely unreliable high-roll legendary that will, more often than not, disappoint you;  proccing at the bottom of your rotation, not proccing during CDs or burn phases, etc.  I dont ever use this legendary, but it is theoretically strong, i just cant stand the RNG.


Sephuz is a strong legendary just for the raw stats it brings, the amount of critical strike is absurd and it has the equivalent of nearly 2000 haste rating as well(with the 2% factored in).  if you can proc it reliable, it's also a really powerful legendary.  Mostly useful for the raw stat value or for dungeons, where it shines with the prevalence of stunnable/interruptable targets, especially with a demonic focused build.  Is not the strongest, but is a respectable pile of stats with no downside.

Raddon's is basically required to run demonic in dungeons, and in any multi-target fight.  Not having it basically rules out demonic for dungeons and aoe situations, and since it's not currently the strongest in single-target, makes it basically just a bad choice.  This legendary is very situational, as it is garbage in single target and for any build not running demonic, but is by far the best legendary to have in the situations where it shines(dungeons, multi-target demonic fights).  Will likely get even stronger in Antorus with the new set bonuses.



Basically you want to run anger/delusions 99% of the time in single-target, run raddon's/sephuz or raddon's/anger in dungeons with a demonic build, for multi-target fights or while soloing.  Chaos theory in my opinion sucks because of how unreliable it is, but is certainly better than the alternatives i didnt list here.


As for what build will be strongest in 7.3.5, we'll need to wait for the class tuning to really tell for sure, but i would imagine demonic will be gaining ground on chaos blades since it benefits much more from the set bonuses(which are awful btw).  Since single-target demonic and chaos blades are already within about 5-8% of each other, they'll probably be nearly identical in terms of dps, with demonic being superior overall due to bringing better priority-target burst, sustained damage, aoe and self-healing, and chaos blades bringing better CD burst for vulnerability periods.


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