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Thrill of the hunt +T16 2p question

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Basically I was wondering if anybody had any idea of how Thrill stacks up against Fervor and DB in terms of SINGLE target dps.

I know from my own expierience that in aoe situations it can definately shine. But I do not fully trust myself to gauge its potential viability as the go to single target dps talent.

Just thinking that Thrill can be particuarly effective because of the synergy with the t16 2p CD reduction to rapid fire. And I also understand that the random nature of it can make it a lot harder to gauge than other talents.

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Personally I dont think its viable at all single target you end up having to spam arcane shot alot ot avoid focus capping more than you should and that could mean leaving abilities off CD that you cant keep lying around. its not as good as fervor or DB which can provide a smoother rotation. 

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I don't like that term "viable" as people have different opinions on its meaning.


To me viable means within a certain percentage of the best possible set up. So lets say 5%.


Is that is the case, yes it is viable.


Does that mean I suggest it, no.


Fervor has been a major dps increase to me due to my play style even though DB pulls slightly ahead in terms of simulations.


In sims, TotH is in last position. But if you are use to using and adapting to the randomness of it, then it will be close to your ability to use the other talents.


As always, go to the practice dummy and spend 5+min dpsing with each talent and see what works. This will give a better idea of what suits your play style, ofc this still will be changed when your on a boss due to movement issues and awareness.


But that is where skill comes in. There is nothing wrong with being more skilled with one talent rather than another, you can either push and "skill up" with the other talent, or continue to use what you are good at and survive through being able to put better awareness into your suroundings. This is a general player ideology rather than the elitist views which often come across.


All in all, choosing the "wrong" talents will not kill your dps, may drop it a few percent, but you will still be "viable".

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