T20 2-piece Problem (Disc)

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Hi guys,

I have a problem. ever scince i have my 2 piece T20 (Disc) equiped, the 1st bolt of my penance is not doubled, its halved. Does anyone know this problem? Thanks 4 your help!

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There have been a few bugs around the set bonus for all classes, this might be your problem. I had the same problem, both with the 2nd bonus and the 4th bonus, none of them ever proc. I tried to remove all set gear and re-equip them and it helped.

1. Try to take all your cloth/gear, especially set bonus pieces.

2. Try to take all of your addons/UI off, if it works without addons/UI it might be a bug in the coding. (Try to redownload them or take them one by one to see which 1one is causing the problem. 

3. Look around the icy-veins or wow forums to see if there are any guides, to how to fix it. 

4. Contact a Game Master, go in and explain whats going on on a ticket.

- Dabria, hope it helps else contact me, I will be happy to help you in-game. I hope it will help you or that your problem as been fixed. 

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