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Disc Priest Stat weight question

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Im new to this forum but decided to dare to ask you a question. =)


I been running with askmrrobot.com now for awhile and it has usually been a good app. But now i seen other Disc Priests topping the heal list easily and im staying way under them even with higher ilvl gear. They are appearently gearing alot of crit and mastery and i cant find a single build on AMR that would go that way. So my question is what Values should i give the stats in "edit my weights" to get them correctly.


link to my armor page if someone is intressted:



Thanks in advance,



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dont even use it. get as much crit as you can and then start swapping spirit for haste until you comfortably finish fights at around 10% mana instead of full.


and use archangel on cooldown to boost your 90 talent. use them all in as many ways you can think of to see what you like for each fight. there are macros that will set them all to one keybind whenever you switch and you can even macro the talent change so you can swap with ease. most people are surprised by divine star. just dont consider cascade or halo to be the end all talent for every fight

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There are alot of priest builds out there. The type of build you want is entirely up to how you theorycraft. Just copying someone's build without know how they heal is a mistake.

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The comfortable thing with crit + mastery is that they go very well hand in hand:

As you probably know, disc crits do not heal the doubled amount but place the divine aegis absorption on the recipient.

Mastery also positively affects divine aegis and so counts as kind of a critical heal bonus (and additionally increases your direct healing).

Especially in phases where you spam prayer of healing this is working very well because your crits don´t overheal but

place divine aegis which will count into your performance (when they absorb damage).


So I personally try to get as much crit and mastery as I can, don´t care about haste and keep that much spirit that I finish fights

with a safe amount of mana.


Sure, there are a lot of builds, but this prioritization of stats appears to be very handy and high performing at least for me and a lot of others.


please excuse me if there are some grammatical failures – writing from Germany

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Here's my two bits.


Get as much crit as you can.  Mastery is the next best secondary stat.  Try to reforge out of crit when possible.


Spirit?  I personally run with 8500 spirit, but I have two mana trinkets (from 5.2 that I haven't been able to get rid of >_>   )  so I can make it work.  But that's because doing so rarely OOMs me.  If you're ending fights at less than 10% mana or OOM, increase your spirit a bit.  If your mana is fine, well, maybe you need to decrease it a little and get a bit more mastery in there instead.  But, as always, push yourself.  It's different for everyone because not everyone plays the same way I do; if you spam flash heal (i.e. if you're retarded) you're obviously going to need a lot more spirit to compensate. 

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Just to toss my hat in the ring here we go.


My priest runs about 10k spirit with no spirit trinkets.  I use AMP and Multistrike currently(really need dat cleave trinket)


Mana doesn't seem to be an issue in normals or in flex ~543 ilvl at this point on her.

I go Spirit(to10k)>Crit>mastery>haste

This seems to be the most popular build as well.


Remember that your spirit choice will also be determined by how many other priests (Hymn of Hope) and RestoShamans(MTT) you have in your raid. 

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I personally go 12k spirit > crit > mastery >> haste


And the weights I use for askmrrobot is

Int 5

SP 4

Spirit (under12k) 3.1

Crit 3

Mastery 2.6

Haste 2

Spirit (over 12k) 2


If you like lower spirit then use that as cap.

The trinkets you use are really bad according to me and give no passive stats.

I just heal on my alt but I still kknow how to play it and gear it:


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Its alright to use askmrrobot for disc BUT you need to include a spirit cap or robot will be like "Oooo blue socket 320spi, etc". by default it gems/reforges/etc for as much spirit as it can possible get, which you don't need.


For 10mN or Flex 10-12k spirit should do you fine, whether 2 or 3 healing things. 


simple reforging is:

  • spirit to cap(whatever you feel you need) > crit > mastery => haste

Gemming usually goes something like:

  • Red: int/crit 
  • Yellow: crit 
  • Blue: spi/crit

Depending on the socket bonus i.e 60spi or something equally bad, you can just gem straight crit. Its all in your playstyle/preference.


I choose a slightly different approach to my priest.



  • crit>haste=>mastery, simply because all the T16 gear has high mastery already.


  • Red: Int
  • Yellow: Int/Crit
  • Blue: Int/Spi

I have 3-5% less crit than most but 3k+ more Int, I like having my stuff hit harder per say.

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