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New Build "Carpet Bomb" Tal's Channel Aether

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"Carpet Bomb" - Tal's Channeling Aether

This build continuously fires off a channeling skill while it quickly teleports through the dungeon.  The items Aether Walker, Hergbrash's Binding are crucial to this build's core functionality.

The full damage potential of the build requires: a belt, an off-hand, two weapons and three rings along with the full Tal's set.  This leaves only one setup.

    full set of Tal's (minus the off-hand)
    Aether Walker
    Etched Sigil
    two of the following rings: Manald Heal, Convention of Elements, and Halo of Karini. (third in the cube)
    Mantle of Channeling (BiS)
    one of the following wrists: Nemesis Bracers(speed), Ancient Parthan Defenders(push) or Strongarm Bracers(group)
    Nilfur's Boast

    Hergbrash's Binding
    (The third ring not being worn)

Tal's requires that four buttons trigger a skill that deals four seperate damage types.  We must use a channeling spell (build requirement).  There are three chaneling skills: Disintegrate(arcane/fire), Ray of frost(cold) and Arcane Torrent(fire/lightning/arcane).  In order to maximize the bonus from Manald Heal there is really only one choice, Arcane Torrent(lightning).  Likewise teleport only has the one rune that deals damage, clamity(arcane).  Blizzard with the rune Fozen Solid(cold) provides a Crowd Controll (CC) effect that I like which leaves the choice for fire open.  I chose Meteor to take advantage of Nilfur's Boasts' special affix.

 Of the two Meteor runes that provide fire damage I chose Meteor Swarm to more easily trigger the secondary damage boost from Nilfur's, that is: a lot of smaller meteors will potentially hit fewer targets each.

    Left mouse:  Magic Weapon:Conduit (APoC gen)
    Right Mouse: Arcane Torrent:Static Discharge(lightning type, paralysis synergy)
    Keyboard 1: Storm Armor:power of the Storm (Cost redux, Karini:Damage Redux synergy, paralysis synergy)
    Keyboard 2: Meteor:Meteor Shower (fire type, Nilfur's:2nd damage synergy)
    Keyboard 3: Teleport:Clamity (arcane type)
    Keyboard 4: Blizzard:Frozen Solid (cold type, stun/frozen)

    Astral Presence (AP gen)
    Unstable Anomaly (extra life)
    Paralysis (Stun, Manald Heal synergy)
    Elemental Exposure (Tal's damage synergy)

Game play:
    This build can be played with one hand possibly even one finger (if you map all your spenders to the mouse {LMB, RMB, WUP, WDN} and use numlock for channeling).

    Apon starting a Greater Rift activate Storm Armor and Magic Weapon, then cast one Meteor and one Blizard.  Imeediately initiate Arcane Torrent (hold that button down and never let it go).  Tap Teleport once to trigger the full Tal's bonus.

    You must trigger Teleport, Meteor or Blizzard once every eight seconds or you will lose almost all of your damage (while channling).  If that happens redo the start up order.  Trust me on this you will use up all your AP trying to figure which damage type didn't trigger.  You have to press a key for it to work.  The Etched Sigil attacks will not refreash the Tal's bonus buff.

    Most of the time you never need to worry about any of this.  As long as you teleport often and channel always everything will take care of itself.

    Combat is rather easy.  Most of the time you will be using short jumps to stun mobs long enough for the other attacks to land on them.  You should always target the next group for a moment then jump there.  You will get a feel for the correct pacing.  White mobs die as almost an afterthought while elites are only difficult if there are too many targets, too many effects, or too many missiles.  In tougher fights like that just jump in a pattern.  If there are a lot of missiles you may need to speed up your jumps.  I believe it's a lag issue where the server doesn't let the jump until after the damage has been dealt.  If you quicken your pace the problem almost always goes away.  Also, Area Damage tends to make this worse.  It seems to be okay up to 50% then it becomes a problem after that.

Paragon Points:
        Intelligence:  all points here, always
        don't care AS
        don't care CDR
        Life Regen
        Resist All
        Area Damage (lag when sheet total over 50%)

    Regular gems
        Head: topaz
        Body: topaz
        Weapon: Emerald
    Legendary Gems:
        Taeguk (required - continuous channeling synergy)
        Bane of the Trapped (required - stun builds best in slot)
        Bane of the Powerful (recomended)
    Notable gems that are not recomended
        Bane of the Stricken (useless for one-shot kill builds)
        Gem of Efficacious Toxin (only for groups that use four)
        Gogok of Swiftness (IAS does almost nothing for this build)
        Iceblink (redundant: Blizzard skill)
        Invigorating (maybe for HC due to immune to CC effects)
        Pain Enhancer (IAS does almost nothing for this build)
        Zei's Stone of Vengence (almost all damage within 20 yards)

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