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    • By Stan
      Dracthyr players that forgot to purchase the Vorquin racial mounts during the intro in the Forbidden Reach can now do so in Valdrakken.
      The mounts are sold by Tethalash located at 26, 34 in Valdrakken.

      The Dracthyr have access to 7 racial mounts (4 rare and 3 epic). The rare mounts cost 40 gold each, and the epic cost 80 gold.
      Bronze Vorquin (Rare mount) costs 40 ; Crimson Vorquin (Rare mount) costs 40 ; Obsidian Vorquin (Rare mount) costs 40 ; Sapphire Vorquin (Rare mount) costs 40 ; Armored Vorquin Leystrider (Epic mount) costs 80 ; Majestic Armored Vorquin (Epic mount) costs 80 ; Swift Armored Vorquin (Epic mount) costs 80 . Bronze Vorquin

      Crimson Vorquin

      Obsidian Vorquin

      Sapphire Vorquin

      Epic mounts are sold by Treysh for 80 gold each. One mount is currently missing from the vendor, it's [PH] Black Vorquin. The epic vorquin mounts have the following flavor text: "Trained using ancient dracthyr methods, these armored vorquin are the pinnacle of tactical mounted ground warfare".
      Armored Vorquin Leystrider

      Majestic Armored Vorquin

      Swift Armored Vorquin

      Starting November 29, you can buy the mounts in Valdrakken.

      The Drachtyr racial mounts will add up to +7 new mounts to your collection which is useful if you're working on Thanks for the Carry!.

    • By Stan
      War Mode World Quest rewards are currently broken on live servers, as multiple players received items they cannot equip.
      A Priest received Plate War Mode gear from a World Quest.

      Another report is that of a Mage who received Plate Gloves.

      We also have an Evoker who got Plate Gloves.

      The problem appears tied to War Mode World Quest gear -- "Drakebreaker's Armor".
      Someone also reported they received a trinket without any stats from a World Quest.

      Let's hope the bugs will be fixed in the latest round of hotfixes.
    • By Staff
      We're looking at some of the new cutscenes from Dragonflight, starring Wrathion, Sabellian, and Alexstrasza. Keep in mind the cutscenes may contain story spoilers.
      Alexstrasza and Wrathion Arguing
      Wrathion Fighting Sabellian Over the Obsidian Throne (All Cutscenes)
      Couresy of leysttv.
    • By Stan
      Doubleagent has just hit level 62 on the Wandering Isle. 
      Everyone’s favorite neutral Pandaren Shaman has reached Level 62 a few moments ago. Only 8 more levels to go. 
      Placeholder for tweet 1597819490732896257 It takes Doubleagent about 12 hours to ding a level.
    • By Starym
      More Dragonflight hotfixes have arrived, with an honor vendor making an appearance and many items, quests, profession issues got fixes.
      November 29 (Source)
      Fixed an issue where some players were not correctly receiving the Shrouded Hero: Shadowlands Season 4 title and achievement. Classes
      Death Knight Blood Fixed an issue where Leeching Strike was not healing as intended. Priest Fixed an issue causing Shadowfiend to not grant Mana for Holy and Discipline specializations. Creatures and NPCs
      Cauldronbearer Blakor's Molten Pour effect reduced to 1 minute. Dungeons and Raids
      Shadowlands dungeons now properly appear in the Dungeon Finder during the Shadowlands Timewalking Campaign. The Nokhud Offensive Granyth Fixed an issue that could cause the Dragonkiller Lances to fire twice. Fixed an issue where casting Mind Control or Dominate Mind on Nokhud Saboteurs would cause them to become unresponsive. Teera and Maruuk Fixed an issue causing the Ancestors' Treasure Trove awarded after the encounter ends to sometimes not be lootable. Balakar Khan Fixed an issue where Rending Strike was being cast during Phase 2. Items and Rewards
      Seltherex in Valdrakken now sells Honor gear. This gear is currently upgradable to rank 3 (item level 353) and will be able to be upgraded to rank 5 when Season 1 begins. Fixed an issue where uncommon bind-on-equip items in dungeons were incorrectly appearing as rare quality. Yellow War Ottuk and Yellow Scouting Ottuk now correctly display in the Mount Journal. Addressed several weapons that were dealing less damage than intended. Shadowlands Season 4 Tokens of Merit have been reduced to poor quality and will still sell for 500 gold. Professions
      Fixed multiple issues that caused Find Minerals and Find Herbs to behave erratically on the Dragon Isles. Fixed an issue where the Frozen Writ weapon enchant effect was not correctly triggering. Fixed an issue where the Sophic Writ weapon enchant effect was triggering too frequently. Fixed an issue where you could skin some enemies that were not intended to be skinned. Quests
      The Waking Shores Fixed an issue where “Dragon Glyphs and You” could not be completed. Fixed an issue where Bothersome Bees would sometimes attack players while invisible during “Leave Bee Alone.” Fixed an issue where players could not interact with Majordomo Selistra to complete "Proto-Fight."" Fixed an issue where there were no visible points of interest map indicators for "Rapid Fire Plans."" Fixed an issue where killing enemies while riding Osoria during "Hands Off Operation" would not provide credit for the quest. Ohn'ahran Plains Fixed an issue where the spear and bow quest items were not dropping for "The Nokhud Offensive: Founders Keepers."" Thaldraszus Fixed an issue where the point of interest map indicators were not updating correctly for "Eyes and Ears" and "Nowhere to Hide."" Fixed an issue where faction changing could send you to the incorrect starting area during "Feels Like the First Time." Fixed an issue where "The Flow of Time" would not progress on clients using non-English languages.
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