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I've searched many sources throughout the internet for information on Combat Rogues as to whether gemming straight agility in red sockets, agility/hit in blue and agility/mastery in yellow sockets is better than gemming straight haste in yellow, agility/haste in red and haste/hit in blue.

I see many rogues that are combat do either agility or haste gemming and I am curious as to which is better and the reasons behind why it is better.

I usually just look up top end guild rogues like Killars or Ahdehl to see what they are doing and go by that, but then I have several people tell me to do it differently.

Any information would be very helpful, thanks


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I don't know if I can really answer your question but here's an attempt.


This Agility vs Haste (or rather Agi vs 2*Haste) thing is dynamic and is not the same for all combat rogues.


A quick load of your rogue shows that the stat weights for you right now are:

1 Agility ~= 1.946 Haste


Let's just consider that you have a red socket.


A red agility gem gives you 160 Agi.


An orange agi/haste gem gives you 80 Agi and 160 Haste, where the stats weight conversion equates the 160 Haste to about 82.24 Agi for you.


Thus you can kind of consider the orange gem as a (80+82.24) or 162.24 Agi gem, which is better than the pure 160 Agi red gem.


Same goes for a prismatic socket where a 320 Haste gem gives you the equivalence of 164.48 Agi, which is better than the 160 Agi gem.


So it really depends on what your stat weights look like overall, taking all of your gear into consideration to decide which is better for you.


Hope I've been of some help.

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