Suggestion for creation of a Raekor Seismic Slam build guide

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The build is a mix of 6 piece raekor and 4 piece IK in order to maintain 100% WOTB uptime. Giving us alot of damage and damage reduction from Together as one rune from ancients. For this build I have been using

Raekor Helmet - Str, Crit, Seismic Slam DMG

Raekor Chest - Str, Vit, AR, 3 Sockets

Raekor Shoulder - Str, Vit, CDR, Area DMG

Raekor Gloves - Str, CHC, CHD, Area DMG

IK Belt - Str, Vit, AR, Life % (+12 max fury secondary very important)

IK Pants - Str, Vit, AR, 3 sockets

Raekor Boots - Str, Vit, AR, Seismic Slam DMG

IK BB - Wep DMG, Str, %DMG, LPFS, Ramalding dong socket (+24 max fury secondary very important)

CoE/SoJ (Have yet to find an SoJ worth testing) - Str (Area DMG preferred?) CHC, CHD, Socket - Bane of the Trapped. If SoJ would want 20% phys, crit chance and elite damage. Max fury is nice

BoM - same as CoE, Zei's Stone of Vengeance.

Hellfire Amulet - Phys%, CHC, CHD. You want ruthless, no escape, berserker rage, nerves of steel or animosity. 

APD - 12% reduction, phys%, Str, Vit, CHC

In my opinion good skills would be Charge, merciless assault, seismic slam rumble, call of ancients together as one, battle rage blood shed,  war cry veterans warning, WOTB insanity, Like mentioned above running Ruthless, zerker rage, nerves of steel, animosity, and no escape. Just take out the one you have on hellfire.

Generally you would like to be very smart about how you use furious charge, as to maintain a charge always. Basically once you get to maximum fury and 5 raekor stacks you charge away from your target and use seismic slam on it. Just rinse and repeat, and then once you get to lightning rotation on CoE, you save raekor stacks, and try to use as many as you can (always at max fury) on your target, while always using a full 5 stacks.

Paragon should be generally everything in the typical order, but for your primary area fill up maximum wrath and get move speed to 25, and rest into str. Cube should be Fury of vanished peak, bracers of destruction, and RoRG (for 6 and 4 pieces of ik and raekor.)

I have managed on season 12 to complete GR 96 with the following barb setup

Not alot of augments, and semi decent gear.


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