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T21 Bloodbath Rotation

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Hello friends, couple general questions for you experts. Both questions are for rotation outside BC (though if you see anything major relating to BC windows, I’m all ears).

My first question is about overwriting Enrages - as I mentioned in the title, this is for a T21 2/4pc geared Bloodbath spec and rotation, which I understand to be RP (100 rage) > BT > RB > FS, with a typical non-BC rotation going something like RP -> BT -> RB -> RB -> BT -> RB (if enraged)/FS (if not enraged)/RP (if 100 rage) -> etc.

So from my “typical rotation” example above, if that 2nd BT crits (to Enrage) *and* RP becomes immediately available with 100 rage, should I wait for Enrage to end before using the RP, or immediately overwrite it? This seems to be happening to me a lot, which makes me wonder if I should be using FS with > 80 rage, even if BT is available, to save the BT for a 100 rage RP. Sorry if this is an obvious question. In T20 I believe it was clear to *not* overwrite Enrages, but it seems like that may have changed with T21. The fact that we obviously don’t delay a BT while already Enraged by RP would suggest we also don’t delay a 100 rage RP even while Enraged by a BT crit, but I’m not sure.

Second, and maybe related, I don’t have CoV - I didn’t raid during Nighthold so I missed out, and I’ve run that damn place 10 times in pugs and LFR and used way too many valuable bonus rolls and still no luck. Regardless, until I get it, assuming I’m using the T21 BB rotation outlined in the MMO guide, does much change for me without CoV? My only divergence right now is that I use BB on cooldown, and line up only every other BB with BC. 

To tag on to that question, is it still worth grinding out a CoV? And is the LFR one even good enough? I’m 947 ilvl, raiding heroic Antorus; admittedly I would feel a little ridiculous wearing an 860 trinket, but hey. If it’s better, I’ll do it. I’m just not sure at this point, given the new BiS trinket lists, with maybe an expected nerf of CoV coming.

Thanks in advance, friends.

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Just to follow up for anyone else that has this question, I watched some new Kelade Mythic videos, and he does seem to hit RP as soon as it’s up, even if already enraged.

I’m still not sure how to best line up BB and BC sans CoV, but in my own tests on the dummy, waiting for BC on every BB has yielded ~100k higher dps.

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Hi Saligia

Even if i'm not an experienced fury i try to give you an answer. I like to know the basics of my offspecc, so i read up some informatoins which could help you as well. 

  1. Overwriting enrage with RP
    Yes, overwrite it. Delaying a RP means you will lose rage by overcapping it. Do you understand what i mean? Because you're capped in rage, you won't get it. Second point is: you will have less casts of RP what is not good at all. RP is your strongest dmb ability, don't delay it at all.
  2. Delaying Bloodbath
    Well, Fury without a CoF is just meh. It's ridiculous how fury dps depends on this trinket. Personally i can't answer this, but i think Sajakain did in another topic:

    You don't appear to be using Convergence of Fates. It's a required trinket for the Fury rotation. Once you get this trinket, macro Bloodbath to Battle Cry. Until then I would suggest using BB on CD and lining it up with Battle Cry when you can. Delaying it a few seconds to line up every other one is a lot better than going 60 seconds without using it.


  3. CoF LFR:
    Well yeah, i think even 860 will work. It's the effect of the trinket and not that states what i makes that powerfull.

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Hey Saligia,

1. Question: Definitely overwrite it, as soon as your Rage bar hits 100 you want to press RP to gain again rage for the next RP.

2. Bloodbath needs BC to get it's full potential so you definitely delay BB for BC. Without Cof though you could have some small windows where you could put it in, but to avoid delaying your BC more and more I would definitely Makro it to BC - even without CoF.

3. Delaying BC is only useful if the delay does not exceed 2-3 GCD's. When your BC is about to come off from CD you want to have an RP just before you press BC. This will allow the last 2 hits of the first Rampage to be buffed by your BC cast. You don't even need to wait for 100 Rage, as the BC proccs FB anyway.

The BC rotation should be: RP->BC->RP->OF->BT->RP->RB->BT->RP

To get the last 2 hits of the upfront RP into the next BC is the goal you want to achieve with T21 every single time you use BC - even while executing. This will be achieved with pressing RP upfront and activating BC about 200 msec before the GCD from RP is about to come off.

For a better understanding of BB + T21 I recommend you to read archi's guide:



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