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Help with Fire Mage low DPS performances

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Hello everyone,


i changed class from Priest a few weeks ago, and i really like the Fire playstyle overall, even if i know that frost is performing better ATM.

However, everytime i see the logs of my Raid Leader at the end of the raid, i see that i'm in the lowest percentile for Fire Mages equipped as me in ILVL values. For that reason, i decided to start a post in the Forum: this situation is stressing me out during raid, and i don't know how to solve it.

Here is the link to my armory, as well as to the last week fight (as well as an older one)




The problems i know i currently have are;

  • Not using Firestarter: i'll start using it in the next raid. From what i understood, i simply  play in the first 10% life of the boss as if i have Combustion on, and activate it at the end;
  • Having a crappy combination of Legendaries (Kil'Jaeden and Pyrotext). My other alternatives ATM are Prydaz, Insigna and Soul. It is possible that just from the crappy Legendaries i result in a crappy DPS?

Overall, comparing to my guildmates, i have a decent DPS, but i think that with my gear i should perform better, isn't it?


Please let me know if you need anything else in order to give me advices


Thanks in advance, see you around

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Since this post is a bit older, I took your most recent Garothi Heroic kill to take a look at (24th Jan):

  • You need to Fire Blast more. You missed around 5-7 possible casts, meaning a potential 5-7 conversions of Heating Up! - make sure you're using them as often as possible, always keeping one rolling on cooldown at least.
  • This is most notably happening in your Combustion phase. You need to check your priorities during Combustion. You are casting spells rather than using Fire Blast/Phoenix for an instant proc into a Pyro crit. It's wasting Combustion time to cast rather than use an instant for another pyro. 
  • You've got no potion on this pull, so that would have impacted DPS. Might be a gold issue, not sure, but look into using 2 potions every fight for maximum DPS.
  • You need to pre-cast before sending your instant Pyros. Send a Fireball with the Pyro to ensure the highest possible chance of a proc returning to you, with 2 spells hitting at once rather than 1.

For Kin'garoth, you've got a few more issues, possibly due to not knowing the fight well. It's from the same clear:

  • You're not using your cooldowns enough. You missed multiple casts of Combustion and your trinket.
  • You're not utilising your Combustion well enough. You're entering the phase with low numbers of Phoenix and Fire Blast, meaning you are sending barely any Pyros due to having to spend time casting rather than getting instant procs.
  • You are casting Fire Blast while you already have an instant pyro proc, thereby wasting Fire Blast.
  • You are also using Fire Blast when you have no Heating Up! proc, meaning your next spell (each time not being a crit) wasted the guaranteed crit of FB.

This should help if you work on these errors.

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