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Why is my dps low? Feral Druid

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There is a list of things you should work on to increase your DPS:

  • Fix your secondary stats (You need much more Vers and Crit and much less Haste and Mastery)
  • Talents - don't use Brutal Slash on pure single target fights (use Savage Roar instead)
  • Try to get Tier 21 4-set (even from LFR) it adds a decent amount of dps
  • Switch your legendaries if possible - use SotA + Headdress for single target (gloves, other ring, boots, prydaz aren't that bad too), for AoE use Luffa's and the other ring

Haven't check your rotation, but I think the tips about should help a bit. Also don't try to general purpose Kitty, switch between AoE and ST talents and gear according the boss you are facing.

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I just checked ur logs on Garothi > https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/6cfFTkQBwg9AbRv1#fight=1&type=damage-done&source=15

You are not re applying your dots when you need to, You are spamming shred abit to much and wasted CP in ferocious bite. 

EDIT: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/6cfFTkQBwg9AbRv1#fight=1&type=casts&source=15

You are spamming shred and not using your combo points on rip and FB. 

I would suggest download Aethys rotation addon from curse. 



Qix - Ragnaros


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Looking at Garothi:

  • You take Brutal Slash, but barely use it. You missed about 60% of the possible casts. At this point, it's even more a waste of a talent. You should be using Savage Roar on this fight anyway.
  • You spend so much time doing absolutely nothing. You literally cast absolutely nothing for nearly two-fifths of the fight. 
  • Your Rake and Rip uptime need to be improved. You miss like 15-17% uptime on Rip. About 5-7% on Rake. 
  • You don't use any potions, most likely because you don't have the gold for it (you use the cheap enchants too).

Should help a bit, I hope.

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