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using a Elixer of Ancient Knowledge

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Long story short, I have a lvl 65 Enhancement Shammy that i am currently leveling and I have 1 Elixer of Ancient Knowledge, my questions are: When should I pop the potion and Once i use it, should I continue to do quests or grind out dungeons, also if i start grinding out dungeons, which dungeons should I focus on? Thanks.

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I tend to use mine in Northrend as i really dont like the zone, i get 25 quests that give decent xp, complete all the objectives then pop the potion and turn them in, then just do more quests. I prefer not to do dungeons even if they have quests i have not completed as there is a substantial chance of death.

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A good idea is to stack up quests before using it.

You can stack up to 25 quests including daily quests at one time.


Stack up some dungeon quests as well.


Use the elixir, queue for dungeon, turn those quests in, leave dungeons, while waiting for deserter buff to fade turn in other stacked up quests, when deserter buff faded queue for other dungeon with quests turn them in, leave. Then go on question.


You shouldn't use the elixir in dungeons if you are pugging. Tanks are unreliable there nowadays (no offence).


By this method you'll get a few instant levels. :)

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