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Hi Folks.

Im raiding as a hunter BM and im using zoo/stomp build.

My question is... i dont know the crit cap. some say 45% ad some say 48%... im still trying to figure out. It said on icy veins that stats priority are:

  1. Critical Strike
  2. Haste;
  3. Mastery;
  4. Versatility.

But still i dont know the cap for eatch one, Does anyone know something of a soft cap at least for crit, haste and mastery?


About the rotation... its a bit confusing... im starting the fight by using beastial wrath + killing command + aspect of the wild + Titan's thunder.. GCD and Murder crows. am i doing wrong? 

is it normal to having problem with focus that u dont have to using skill?

im using sephuz and the boots (legendary) 


heres my armory. 

Thanks guys. Have a good one.

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There is no cap for any stat for BM, just go with what your individual stat weights from your sims say. If you don't know how to do that, download the addon SimC and type /simc in game, copy the data and paste it into raidbots.com to do a stat weights check.

Make sure you start the fight with Murder of crows before you use BW, as the damage boost is applied to dots already on the target, it saves you a GCD to use during your BW windows.

If you're having issues with focus, it means you're spamming Cobra Shot too much - unless you're in a BW window, you don't want to be unable to cast an ability the instant it becomes available. Outside of a BW window, try not to cast cobra shot unless you're above 70-80 focus and you'll do better.

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The stat priority page describes BM's haste softcap. It's only worth trying to hit if you're within 2-3 percent.


Beast Mastery does have one Haste breakpoint at around ~31% Haste, though you may wish to have even more. The breakpoint allows for a 13th global cooldown (cast) within the 15-second duration of Bestial Wrath Icon Bestial Wrath. In order to leverage it, you must not cast Bestial Wrath too early, before the current global cooldown is over. In other words, you want to cast Bestial Wrath right before casting something else (like a Kill Command). If you ever run out of Focus or things to cast, the breakpoint is moot, and it does not apply when Aspect of the Wild Icon Aspect of the Wild is active. Therefore we do not recommend chasing after it by gearing around it. Instead, if you find yourself particularly close to the breakpoint, you may switch a few Crit gems and enchants to Haste to reach it.



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Semantics. A breakpoint is not the same thing as a cap. Reaching >30% Haste makes the GCDs short enough to fit one more attack if you have enough focus to spam nonstop, but Haste doesn't cap because it continues to increase focus regen and decrease the cooldowns of Kill Command and Dire Beast, no matter how high it goes. A proper cap would mean that after reaching that specific amount the weight of that stat plummets, and gaining any more of it is bad or useless. This doesn't happen for any stat for BM.

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