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MM for leveling.

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Hey guys,

Starting up a Hunter on a new server and havent played the class for a long time.

Current dps charts show MM is best for raiding but from a leveling point of view to me it looks extremely weak if you go with the Loan Wolf talent from a survivability point of view.

So do you level as a BM Hunter then change to MM for raiding which to be honest would be a pain tying to alter playstyles and remember rotations and so on.

Or more simply do you level as MM and just dont choose Loan Wolf and keep a pet with you, then when you raid just switch that talent level back to Loan Wolf?

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I would just level as BM, because it's simpler to manage threat when the pet does most of the damage. But it is quite feasible to use a pet tank as MM as long as the pet is taunting. That's how I originally leveled my Hunter (back in Wrath of the Lich King). There are also a lot of enemies for which you would never need to pet tank while leveling, but it's a lot easier to heal your pet than yourself, and the pet does tank more than you do.

I would not recommend to use Lone Wolf for leveling. It only really works for solo when you're overgeared.

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I would honestly just find a misdirect to pet macro, and use that regularly with a pet in MM. They're two very different playstyles (although both are incredibly simple, pretty much the easiest in the game) so if you want to get some practise in before raiding, I'd go with leveling as MM but with a pet.

BM can be really good for leveling and it's got good burst readily available far more often, so that's always a positive, but just go with whichever looks the most fun to you!

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MM leveling is pretty straight forward. 

Always use misdirect on top of trueshot procs so all that juicy dps aggro goes to pet, then on rotation or in aync with aimed shot window.

Groups? wyvern a big guy, trickshot rotation destroys

Singles? Be on point with your MD. Don't be afraid to stand in the melee to get your shots off.

Windburst can often 1-shot most trash, piercing shot will 1-shot a lot of middling mobs.

It's straightforward, but not quite as easy as BM. I like MM flavor better, FOTM will ruin your fun.

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