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Set bonus 4 or crit offsets? and red soket expertise for mastery bonus?

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Hi there,


this is my fury:




I'm wondering if  it's better to look for a 4 set bonus or just go for 3 pieces (i still need helm that have crit and mastery...) and go for a Garrosh' shoulders that have crit mastery too and also 3 red soket...

Cause for my opinion the 4 sets it's not so good as it's likes!


Another question is: when i will reached about 45% crit unbuffed (now i'm 42%) i will go to gem red soket streght or whit.... expertise????

Yes u red well.... cause i thought that whit the thok trinket and 45% crit unbuffed it will be better soket expertise for reforging all the rest in mastery and take bonus from enrage (whit about 40% mastery u have 40% bonus damage done, that i thoug it's better that some strenght (like 300 or 400 in red gems..)

what do u think about that?

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To answer your first question: Definitely go for the 2p with as many offpieces with higher ilvl/more crit as you can find. The 4p is practically worthless (especially as TG,for which RB hits almost as hard as execute). If you can get your hands on either set of garrosh's shoulders, they both are awesome.


For your second question, it,s a bit more tricky. Already, at 42% crit, you should be about at the point where Mastery Starts to slowly overtake crit as your best secondary stat. Which means that even now, you *could*, in theory, start gemming your new gear with exp/mastery or str/mastery gems as long as it doesn't make your crit go down. However, this will only stay true until you get Thok's trinket. The reason behind that is that Thok's trinket give you 6-9% more damage on every single crit you get and this, by itself, is enough to ensure crit stays your best stat unitl the end of the expansion.


TL;DR: Go for 2pc + crit/higher ilvl offpieces. Mastery is OK now, but only until you get Thok's Tail tip then go crit crit crit :)


Hope this helps,



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Thank you Rage, i got that.

So if i will take thok's tail tip i will look for a 45% unbuffed crit (so i will have 100% chanche to get enraged every 3.5 secs (BT cd)in raid)

Until that i will go for 42, 43% crit and gemming expertise /mastery or strenght mastery) whit garrosh shoulders and maybe pants BS


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Pretty much yes. Just remember that as soon as you get Thok's Trinket, you'll have to regem and renchant all of that to crit :)

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