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Gurthalak 416 issue

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I got a question for you guys that is bugging me a lot.

i got an ESS 410 and a Gurthalak 416.

the first time i put my hands on gur 416 i thought my dps would explode but that´s not happening.

after a couple of tests, i found out that the glancing blow of the sword was 10% higher then expected (4 minutes dummy test) and some 17,9k MS damage that showed up really makes me fell bad about it, (even without the proc i expected that the skills would be stronger with the better weapon damage), then i tested the ESS 410 and the lowest MS damage was 22k and the glancing blow was near 25% as expected, also the critical rating only for white damage for the sword was about 4%-6% and the axe got 18%-22%.

so my question is? ESS 410 is better then Gurthalak 416 or i'm very unlucky with the sword?

(BTW, i was doing a fight where the tank was wielding a 403 gurthalak, and the damage done by the tentacles of his sword was only 90k under my sword 416)

(since i was sugested to use the forum i just copy/paste my comment xD)

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Copy pasting it is fine.

Your reported findings are a bit weird, I'll grant you that. I can tell you, though, without a shadow of a doubt that as an Arms Warrior, inv_sword_2h_deathwingraiddw_d_01.jpgGurthalak, Voice of the Deeps is Best in Slot and it is better than inv_axe_2h_deathwingraid_d_01.jpgExperimental Specimen Slicer.

I cannot see any reason why ability_warrior_savageblow.jpgMortal Strike would be doing less damage with Gurthalak (and by such a large margin as you reported). The damage might be lower overall because you will get more critical hits with Experimental Specimen Slicer, due to its Critical Strike Rating, but not even that should affect the numbers this greatly.

The glancing blow chance is fixed, and there should be no difference between the two weapons. Perhaps you should repeat the test with a much larger sample size, but I feel that you were indeed just unlucky.

Could you post your character's armory link? And of course, the ideal way to compare these two weapons is if your guild had some www.worldoflogs.com logs of your raids, one where you used Experimental Specimen Slicer and one where you used Gurthalak :)

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