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Player Dings 60 Killing Only Boars

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Ah yes, the World of Warcraft South Park episode. It spawned many memes and was a pretty big deal for WoW at the time, bringing it even further into the pop culture mainstream. It seems the episode still echoes in people's minds, as ianxplosion took it upon himself to reenact the boys' plan to level to (the then max) 60 killing only boars. Obviously this has only recently become possible with the old world level scaling changes in 7.3.5, and while he didn't only kill Elwynn Forest boars (even heading to Outland for a short while) he did stay true to the episode's ideals and dinged 60 a few days ago. 6 days played, a month and 19 thousand boars later, here's the clip of the final victory, and a longer section of the stream from the final day:

Live to win indeed.
And finally, just in case you aren't familiar with the episode in question, or just haven't watched in a while, here's the inspiration for ianxplosion's quest, and one of the better South Park episodes in general, Make Love, Not Warcraft:


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I knew nothing of world of Warcraft until the night this southpark episode aired! the very next day I went to best buy and bought world of Warcraft! also I had never played guitar hero until after the guitar hero episode of southpark aired!  lol!

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20 hours ago, the7thwonder said:

Herbs actually give both more experience and are faster to collect than killing boars.

The guy was on  the starting Pandaren Island though. No flight, smaller spawns of herbs. Plus we leveled to 90 to be the only neutral Pandaren.

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Chars name is Doubleagent on Mannoroth US (iirc). He‘s 110 by now and as far as I can tell still neutral. He did not only herb though, he was mining as well. Still damn impressive. 

This should be the link to the armory.


There's even an article about him. Pcgamer i think. 

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