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MM Hunter dmg help

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You should most definitely invest in running M ToS every week to get 2pc T20. The strength of that set bonus is invaluable!

You don't make effective use of your TS windows. You barely peak above 3m on any fight, even through lust and execute. Looking at Imonar, that's a perfect example of an execute phase with minimal interference - save your trueshot there until you've got at least 15-20 stacks of bullseye.

Your stat weights seem very strange, you don't have a lot of mastery and your haste is quite low too. I'd personally be aiming for at least 18% haste to make it a comfortable rotation and try and up the mastery a bit.

None of your rotation looks off, but your lack of T20 and timing of TS is something worth addressing ASAP. The TS rotation Azor has on the guide is fantastic - I'm sure you've practised it a lot but always consider the timing of it. Make sure you focus on your execute dps as that's where we really shine.


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im just curious to find out what gave you that big jump in dps from 1.8 mil to 2.3 from one week im guessing to the next .. was gear  or rotation or changing talents

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