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Hello guys, need your help to choose a trinket.


Im using:


ability_hunter_posthaste.jpgVolatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault


inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_13.jpgKardris' Toxic Totem



And have in my bag:


spell_nature_chainlightning.jpgWushoolay's Final Choice


And now can buy a 


inv_pet_jadeserpentpet.jpgYu'lon's Bite



What u think is better to replace the shado pan one?.





And is time to move to the second haste cap?



Here is my druid




Thanks in advance.






ps:sorry my english is not my language.

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Armory shows you in pvp at the time of me posting this so can't help a lot But as for the trinkets, If shado-pan haste proc doesn't put you at or a little above the next haste break point then swap it for Yu'lon's. As for when to go to the next haste cap that is personal preference/gear. If you can't maintain at least 25% crit unbuffed I wouldn't suggest going for the 13k haste cap tho.


(again haste caps are personal preference)

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Hey Sparx,

I read through your questions and came up with some feedback for you.

In regards to the trinkets, I would defiantly swap the Shado-pan one for Yulon's Bite. While using Yulon's Bite, I'd recommend making a tracker for its proc so that you can reapply your dots during its proc for more Starsurge procs.

For the haste breakpoints, I wouldn't recommend switching to the 12k one yet. Going by your armory, it looks like your struggling just to meet hit cap even with a lot of exp/crit and not int/crit gems. For the time being, I would recommend staying at the 5k one so that your crit stays high enough and you're not having to gem a lot of haste to reach the next cap and then losing tons of crit (and possibly even struggling to reach hit cap).

I hope this makes sense and I wish you the best of luck!

Best regards,

Grimlirx @ Stormreaver

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