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Kul Tiran & Mag'har Orc Heritage Armor Teased

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Blizzard updated the Allied Races image on the official Battle for Azeroth website with a new one that shows off Heritage armor of Mag'har Orcs and Kul Tirans.

Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag'har Orcs will be the first playable Allied Races of the expansion. Kul Tirans and Zandalari Trolls will be unlocked later in the expansion. Which Heritage armor do you like most?

Check out our Battle for Azeroth content hub for more information!



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5 minutes ago, Stan said:

Which Heritage armor do you like most?

Nightborne. Though Kul Tiran armor makes me want to RP like ARRRRR.

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46 minutes ago, Yridaa said:

Nightborne. Though Kul Tiran armor makes me want to RP like ARRRRR.

Dark Iron Dwarf armor look sick too. Reminds me of Warrior T10, a bit.

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Kul'Tiran combat rouge? I mean pirate... I mean Outlaw... FYI, I did not check if they actually can be rogues in the first place so be nice to me ;) The armor looks cool though. Kinda like the most recent rogue T-armor/glad sets. I just don't like the look of those humans. God, should've hit the gym, or something...


As for the actual question I'd agree with them looking quite nice in general. Dark Irons look really "dwarfey" but I too think Nightborne won it so far. Not too impressive is the Lightforged set IMO.

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Honestly, I liked the plate armor that was datamined earlier, as it feels more uniquely 'Kul Tiran' to me. (Although since it was clearly plate, it wouldn't work as an 'every class' racial armor.) The new teased set with the coat just seems like something that should be available to multiple races; there doesn't seem to be anything about it that says 'seaworthy'. Genn has essentially the same coat, just in a different color.

This is what I was afraid of with the heritage armor - that sets would be locked to certain races that don't look specific to that race. Of course, it's just my opinion, so it doesn't count for much and I'm sure other people disagree.

I'm not a big fan of the idea heritage armor overall, as it feels like something that was just tacked on to make sure players actually level new races - and not because the armor is absolutely unique to them (i.e. - Highmountain Tauren and Lightforged Draenei both have heritage armors that could easily be obtained on the 'base race' as well, among others. 'Normal' tauren have used headdresses and war totems forever, so why lock them just to Highmountain?) Personally, I would be a LOT more motivated if we could use the heritage armor on characters of the race that the allied race is based on at least, and more races than that if it makes sense. It doesn't seem that symmetry is as much of a concern for WoW anymore, so I'm puzzled and discouraged by the locking of armor sets to one specific allied race. Perhaps they plan to add heritage sets for the base races later, and that's why they're locked, but nothing has been found or leaked to back up that (probably hopeless) idea.

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4 hours ago, ORCSMASH said:

This is what I was afraid of with the heritage armor - that sets would be locked to certain races that don't look specific to that race.

I'm not sure how they  don't look specific to that race?  All of them so far have been very unique.

The 'base tauren' and 'base lightforged' ones ... i mean they're already the same race, just a different culture.  They're probably going to share a lot of similarities.  Even the dark iron dwarf one could be otherwise dwarven if it were a little less 'dark' shaded. Lighten it up a bit and it would look rather plainly dwarven, if a modern look.  

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21 hours ago, Yridaa said:




    Due to continual misspellings of the “rogue” class, we have officially changed the name to the easier to type “rouge.”

See Blizzard WoW-Patchnotes dated April 1st 2011 :) I'll not edit it - Rouge Nation sounds fun :)

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