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Improving my healing

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Hi guys,



My name is Dofri and im a resto shammy. I raid 10m normal at the moment but this week for the first time we had to use 2 healers instead of 3. This was quite a change but i felt we did pretty good considering. We only raid 1 night each week (saturday nights) and we usually go for about 5 hours with a good deal of us drinking while we raid.


That being said i think we are doing ok and im not really here to ask for help with the raid per say but i like to improve our changes and to that extent i started using world of logs last weekend and i have been doing some research on the resto shaman which i didnt do before.


Im posting here because in short, i want to do better. We managed to kill first 7 bosses and had to stop on Nazgrim after a few attempts (all to drunk to go on).


Here is my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormscale/Dofr%C3%AE/simple


I went for the 30% haste cap because i felt that was quite doable with my gear, rest i split into crit and mastery with more focus on crit. Was planning to go for about 60% mastery 30% haste and 25% crit (with buffs) and then work from there.


Last weekend went as i said pretty well but we did hit a wall on Iron juggernaut, decided after a few attempts to call in additional healer (not very well geared ones mind you) and managed to kill him after a looooong time so this is the fight im most interested in. Nazgrim fight was more to the raid getting tired/drunk and we 1 shot him the day after.


Things i know im not doing well enough at the moment:

 - Earth shield uptime is to low (gonna try to use weakaura or something to track this)

 - Primal elementals is not being used enough (only picked the talent a week ago so im still getting used to it)



What im doing at IJ at the moment:

 - riptide everyone before the fight starts and riptide when i have the time during the fight

 - try to keep healing rain on melee (had 3) coz they are close to each other

 - Earth shield on warrior (because he seems to be in more trouble this fight)

 - Healing stream basically when i can if there is any damage to heal (which there always is on this fight)

 - Healing Tide/Ascendance when i feel its needed (mostly on phase 2)


Here is WoL link: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-93ky02ic7h46oqg6/



Feel free to have a look at the other fights if you care to and give me pointers on those as well, always nice to learn new things and improving.


Thank you for reading, hope you have some good advice for me :)




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Im posting here because in short, i want to do better.


Huzzah! You're in good company here. Welcome, and I'll do my best to give you some feedback.


Firstly, if you've got three healers and you're still doing that kind of HPS then I'd say your raid can improve in terms of how much damage they take. My raid 2-heals this fight and has about the same HPS. 


So I ran your logs through comparebot and compared one of my parses for Iron Juggernaut to yours. The comparison is here. Not a lot stands out to me, really, but I have a few points;

  • Good use of Healing Stream Totem - we're on about the same healing from that. You could still drop it more often though!
  • Your Healing Rain could be healing more - I got more hits per minute from it on average. Considering that we're at the same Haste level, I'd say that you could choose your placement better (probably).
  • I did a LOT more Chain Heals than you. Considering that I use the Glyph for this fight, do you just feel like you don't need to CH much? Do you prefer to single-target? I did many more than you did on that fight.
  • Most of your healing is coming from (Glyphed?) Riptide. Interesting, do you feel that on fights where you were 2-healing it you were losing people to spike damage?
  • Good use of; Cooldowns, Ancestral Awakening, Earth Shield.

Hope that helped! Have a play around with CompareBot and if you find anything particularly interesting, link the comparison and we can compare notes. You're welcome to try using my parses as an example.


Good luck!

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Hi Stoove, thanks for the response!


After having thought about this a bit more i realize that i probably didnt have the haste buff so i didnt get to the 30% haste mark, this is because we switched out a hunter who was giving us that buff to get another healer.


Another thing is that i should have taken call of the elements to get 2x extra uses of healing stream totem.


I do indeed have the riptide glyph and i must say that i favor it quite a lot because of the fact that while it makes each cast weaker it also gives me the chance to blanket the entire raid with a hot when im not very busy doing something else. Also this means that the tidal waves buff is always up and there is also a good chance that i have several good targets for chain heal. Another thing that i feel gives riptide an advantage in this fight is that you need to move quite a bit and having insta cast spells while running seems a good use of time.The other glyphs i use (and i dont do a lot of swapping) are healing stream and chain heal glyphs.


Regarding chain heal, this is something i need to look into. I should probably be using it more because it does give quite good hps and its likely to hit many targets at medium health in this fight. Will look to do more of that next time!


Healing rain, well this is a fight where i havent been able to find good enough use for it honestly. I rarely get it on many targets and when i do its only for a brief amount of time because of the movement involved in the fight. Perhaps it has to do with raid placement. How do you use healing rain on this fight? Do you position the raid somehow so that you get the most out of it on this fight?


One more thing i noticed and i must say i havent given this much thought until now, but this seems like a really good fight to use Spiritwalker to throw chain heals and whatnot while moving. Have to look into that as well.


When we were 2 healing i basically felt that this might be because of lack of avoiding and perhaps some position issues (people getting thrown out of los). We basically got withered down until something gave (often a tank). Raid was taking a good deal of damage that we had to heal and at some point that meant that we were just a bit to late to get a heal on the tank.


The movement of the raid is another matter i think and i will try to get them to things better (me included, i take a lot of damage there). I will be getting the legendary cloak most likely before next raid and that should provide some solid healing boost.


I feel that if i can improve a bit on those things and if i can get more out of healing rain (hopefully you have some tips there) then i should get a solid increase.


So the things so far:

 - More chain heal

 - Bit more healing stream + call of the elements

 - More clever use of healing rain

 - Use of Elementals totems + spiritwalker

 - Get that earth shield to a 100% hehe

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I prefer not to use CotE because it simplifies the gameplay nicely. I prefer not to have to worry about totem overwrites, which is beneficial to me when a co-healer calls for Mana Tide. That's definitely a personal preference though.


Nice thinking on the Glyphs, but do experiment with changing the Chaining and HST glyphs out sometimes. HST Glyph does nothing on fights with lots of Shadow damage (Norushen, Sha, Garrosh, Malkorok) and relatively little when damage is dominated by Physical (Thok) so it's not essential for all fights by any means. Some fights, using Chaining can be detrimental - Thok and Sha of Pride in particular. Experimenting is the key.


Healing Rain - admittedly hard to use on the fight. I try to get one edge roughly on the melee. We tend to have him with one side against a wall, so having the HR area covering his side is good. I still don't use it optimally though, I'm sure I could get more out of it if I needed to, probably by looking more carefully before I place it. Most of it is about getting your eye in and making a real effort to place it well during the fight.


SWG I tend to use macro'd into Ascendance (on most fights) but as I also have the 4pc set bonus, I use it as a mini-cooldown. Not sure exactly how to use that on this fight as we've been doing Garrosh progress for ages and I haven't had a good farm kill of any of the bosses in a few weeks.


There is no excuse for people LoSing you on Juggernaut. There is also no excuse for them taking so much spike damage that you can't focus a tank when you need to. Your raid is definitely taking too much damage on that fight, and there's probably little you can do about it except for asking your raid leader if he thinks people are taking a bit too much damage.


I tend to find that the Legendairy cloak isn't all that amazing on fights with irregular movement. Its proc nature isn't suited.

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