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Mistweaver Vs. Other Healers question

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Ok, my mist weaver is now 558. I have noticed that most of the time I am grouped with a disc priest my healing seems to go to shit, meaning my HPS.


I seem to do fairly well with other healing classes, but I still don;t think I am maximizing my mist weaver to its full potential yet.


Now up until that recent post about fist weaving, I would normally Mist weave only. I have slightly experimented with fist weaving in Normal Siege, but only on certain things like packs on Galakras, I did fist weave on the entire Juggernaut encounter in Flex and I did surprisingly well.


Anyway, are there healing classes that will limit a Monks HPS in raids, or do I need try and re-evaluate my healing techniques. I follow the Mist Weaving Guide almost to the letter, and I have learned allot from it.


Also for those who do both fist weaving and mist weaving in Normal Siege or Higher, what encounter have you found are best for Fist Weaving? 


Thanks for the input. 

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No reason to feel underperforming if paired with a disc. Since they're absorption based 100% of that aspect is efficient non-overhealing as long as there is damage to consume it. Having the absorbs soak up a big part of incoming damage, you're then still "fighting" him for topping off the people who have been damaged.


He is basically the only contestant on healing at the very moment damage occurs with the absorbs, and after that its you and him competing for the remainder of the healing needs.


I only play MW as an alt, so any more in depth peeking will be done by others (I'm looking at you Brew and Krazy :D ) but there you have my quick insight.

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Yea, disc is always going to lower your healing becasue they absorb the damage before it even hits.


As for fistweaving, I haven't been playing my MW recently so I'm not entirely sure.  Pretty much any cleave situation will work best so you can do more healing with BoK, but to be honest, I do it on EVERY fight as a filler when much healing isn't needed while throwing in a couple uplifts during a few spikes.


Pretty much, when you need faster chi generation for healing, you spam Soothing Mists and uplift with that.  Otherwise, if you're jabbing you should be using that chi on fistweaving.

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Pretty much what Krazy said about absorbs. Kinda just have to learn to deal with it lol.


I currently am 5/14H and have found that fistweaving can help mainy in certain phases of fights rather than whole fights.

It can also allow 3 healers on a fight that could probably be 2 healed simply by the amount of dps we can do and then just use our raid cd's. This is roster dependant though.


On the Pull of HProtectors we stack them up for hero and burn/aoe fest.

Sha of PrideH, fistweave and then heal/dispel when required

HGalakras add waves in phase 1

HJuggernaught, we 4 heal this so i spen time fistweaving the normal phase then heal like a madman on the siege phase.


Mainly just think if you are doing a fight and you have time to think to youreslf well there isnt much to heal here/why am i bothering, go do some dps. 


You will always come across the die hard fistweave fanatics telling you no not use ReM or Uplift while fistweaving but the reality is much different IMO.

I keep ReM on cd as much as possible including while i am fistweaving so that i can go from dps to pumping out the uplifts with a few well placed chi brews without needing to wait to put ReM on the raid. Use Muscle memory procs properly and use the LMG procs to get 2 free procs and you cand fist and mist weave away, never go oom and pump out huge amounts of raw healing if required.


Happy Killing :)

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