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Guest tigger

excellent guide by Kat -- would like some endgame help on Myra's Unstable Element. seems similar to Aluneth (which im told should not be played until im almost out of minions) -- how can i safely play this card??

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1 hour ago, Guest tigger said:

How can i safely play this card??

Safely? You don't. This is not a safe card. This is not a safe deck. This is an aggro deck. During the opening turns, every action, card and point of mana must go toward overwhelming your opponent and dealing as much damage to his face as possible. You don't have a plan B, because there is no plan B. Kill him, fast; before the fact you only use small minions, the lack of card draw and the lack of board clears kills you! 

This card is a risky comeback mechanic. You play this only around turn 8 if your opponent manages to stabilize, your hand is all but empty and you are about to enter topdeck mode (read: you've actually already lost the game). You play tis in the hope that whatever you draw will allow you to eke out that extra little damage required to actually come back and win. If it works, great. If it doesn't, the game was lost anyway.

Alternatively, you play this as BM card when you already have lethal on the board, but this gets old pretty fast... 

PS: This card is nothing like Aluneth. Aluneth is a draw engine that keeps the hand full without "wasting" mana and cards on card draw. A deck built around Aluneth absolutely wants to play it because it's a key part of their win condition. Myra's Unstable Element if all goes well you don't even want to draw it, much less play it... 

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