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trouble with mouseover tooltips

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Having trouble with the mouseover tooltips not having a background so the tooltip text and the page Text are overlapping and unreadable. I use chrome on a mac running snow leopard. Any suggestions on what the problem could be? I searched but couldn't find anything maybe I'm using the wrong terminology. Thanks for any help in advance.

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This is an issue on Curse side. It happens when the javascript for the tooltips of both wowdb.com and hearthpwn.com is loaded. I created a few html pages to illustrate the issue:







WowDB or Hearthpwn alone works fine. If I load both of them at the same time, problems occur. If I load WowDB first, then Hearthpwn links do not work. If I load Hearthpwn first, then WowDB links load without a background.

I notified people I know at Curse and I hope the issue will be solved soon.

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