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Help me pick the right class

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Hey everyone

I played a little in legion and before that raided a lot in classic and BC. I have decided to start over and delete all chars and now only have two characters to focus on and really main them, instead of having like 5-6 chars to play on. I haven´t played every single class in the game, so will make a list below with the classes and specs i have raided with.


Warrior (arms and prot)
Priest (shadow)
Hunter (marksman and BM)
Druid (resto and a little as tank)
Rogue (outlaw)
Death knight (frost)
Demon Hunter (Havoc)

At the moment I´m leveling a shaman up and i really enjoy the class and different specs. Its the first time I´m playing a shaman but i´m 99% sure its going to be one of my two classes i want to main. I have no idea what my second class should be so please give me your thoughts on what i should pick and why. Name a class and write what is special and fun about it, maybe also if its hard to play and how useful.

Thank you for the help and have fun everyone.

Best regards Sonny

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What exactly are you looking for in your class? Do you want to tank? Heal? DPS? Ranged DPS? Melee DPS? Hybrid? Want to survive? Solo stuff? Glass cannon? Lots of defensives? Self-healing? Pets? No pets? 

Without any kind of direction, this seems like kind of a pointless exercise, since we have no idea what you want. I could say having a pet is a positive for Hunter, but you may hate pet gameplay. On the other hand, you may love pet gameplay, but I think it's a negative. 

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