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Midgame Moves: How to Recover from a Lost Fight

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In the third installment of Midgame Moves, Team Dignitas' Vilhelm “POILK” Flennmark details how to recover from a lost battle and get back into the game.

Midgame Moves

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How to Recover from a Lost Team Fight

It’s Midgame Moves week for Heroes of the Storm! It’s time to continue theeducational content series that kicked off 2018 featuring some of the smartest personalities in the scene, now focusing on the meaty middle portion of a competitive game. On day one we explored map pressure and mercenary camp timings, while yesterday we emphasized boss control. Today, we learn about safe rotations and trade pushing!

You’ve just lost a team fight and things are looking bleak; something needs to change to turn the tides. Team Dignitas’ Vilhelm “POILK” Flennmark is on hand to help you navigate to victory from the backfoot.

Attitude is Everything


“You should focus on what you can do, instead of what has happened,” said POILK. “You can’t change what has happened and what set you back, but you can look for things to do that will help you get back into the game.”

Do your best to be a part of the solution when it comes to mounting a comeback. “Instead of having that little argument in chat, talk about what you can do instead,” he added.

Playing Safe is the Only Option


Soaking experience is of paramount importance—it’s the only way you’ll return to even footing. To ensure that you aren’t staggering more deaths in the process, watch your pathing between lanes. “If you know where the enemy is then there is no problem taking the aggressive path between lanes,” POILK said. “It's when you don't know where they are that you should fear doing aggressive rotations because they could very likely be hiding in that bush between the lanes.”

It’s common for teams to set up with the intention of pouncing on any enemy Hero that walks by. “If you're leading on Cursed Hollow, you can take the aggressive rotation from middle to bottom where you pass the bush. I would recommend checking bushes with spells. If you’re behind, you can dodge the bush completely by taking a less direct route.”

Stop the Bleeding, Start the Trade Push


Before course-correcting a game gone sideways, you must stop the bleeding. “If something goes wrong and the fight starts badly, you just want to back off and avoid losing more people,” POILK said. “You always want to gain something in exchange for losing the objective, even if it's just catching some soak from waves.”

Enter ‘trade pushing’. A trade push is essentially giving up the objective on purpose in exchange for making progress elsewhere on the map. “Trade pushing during an objective you can't contest is a key part of returning to even footing,” POILK said.

To understand trade push, you must first comprehend the cardinal rule. “Soaking experience is the most important part of Heroes of the Storm, especially in the early and midgame,” POILK said. “If your opponent commits five people to do the middle Shrine but you get soak and structures on both top and bottom, that is a lot of experience gained. After level 20, soak is not that important.”

Structures are not Everything

Only one team is destined to destroy the Core, but there will be several small windows in which your team can safely soak and siege without fear. “The objectives don't really get super-strong until the late game,” POILK said. “The second Punisher on Infernal Shrines usually just gets a fort. With a coordinated team you could easily get a fort on your own with the amount of time the enemy team spends doing the objective.”


The 'Rage Push' Play

We covered the Hail Mary Boss play yesterday, but there is a dire play to be made in every situation. “A desperation play you'll see on Dragon Shire is where the team that is hopelessly behind will take the Siege Giants and bottom Knights to mount one last rage push. That’s what Team Dignitas calls it. You're hoping for a lucky pick and some structure damage to get back into the game that way. Sometimes just brute forcing is the best chance you'll have to get back in the game. Those circumstances are rare though.”

Fighting for the objective is often the most straightforward path to victory, but when you’re trying to come from behind you want to minimize your exposure to the enemy team. "On Infernal Shrines, it is very common for the experience levels to be 13-12 when the second Shrine spawns,” POILK said. “For whatever reason the losing team always makes the mistake of forcing a fight during this. If the second Shrine spawns top, you want to hide from the map before pushing bottom lane with your minion wave. This forces the enemy team to choose between pushing with the Punisher and defending, which usually gives you enough time to catch up in levels.”

Never Give Up; Never Surrender!

Team Dignitas mounted a comeback of their own against Gen.G Esports in the grand finals of the Mid-Season Brawl.

POILK recently played a pretty major role in a great example of running back a game that looked all but over. “Our shot calling is very good—we are always looking for a way back into any game we might be losing,” he said.

In their match against Gen.G Esports on Towers of Doom, Team Dignitas did just that—patiently waiting for their Storm Tier Talents to even the playing field before wiping their Korean rivals. “I don't really remember what the coms were, but I know we weren't totally sure we could end. I said I could take bottom Fort, Wubby said he could do the Sappers, Zaelia said he could take mid Fort and Snitch was already on his way to top lane. It was like, everyone saw a thing they could do on their own. Everyone just knew exactly what they needed to do.”

While you shouldn’t expect to have the same coordination as one of the best teams in the world, that’s inspiring nonetheless—and acts as a great segue into tomorrow’s Midgame Moves article on pushing your advantage to the max, featuring Francisco "Goku" Avalos from North America’s Team Octalysis!

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I’m really loving this educational content. It’s really been helping me lots in my games and I’m very glad they’ve been promoting this type of stuff.

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The problem I see a LOT of people have is the inability to play safe.  Rather then make a stand at the wall, they push too far out and get picked off.  So their team is ALWAYS a man down due to staggered spawns.

The other major problem I see is people are unwilling to give up an objective, no matter the situation.  Recently had a match where I was solo support, we were down two levels (18 to 20), and an Arcane Punisher was spawning bot where we still had the wall plus keep up.  Two of our players died (WAY to far out for the situation).  I make the call to give up the objective and soak lanes to try and get 20 before the punisher spawns, so of course the two remaining players went to the objective and died.

Point is: Learn when not to fight.

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17 hours ago, gamerk2 said:

The other major problem I see is people are unwilling to give up an objective, no matter the situation.

I can agree with that. I'm only a Silver rank, but I play with Plats and Diamonds all the time. And even they act like that many times. I'll suggest with just let the enemy have a first or second spawn of the objective and push hard down lanes and they will refuse and act like I'm a complete idiot for even suggesting such a thing. And tell me something like 'NO! You ALWAYS come do objective, Damn it!!! >:('

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4 hours ago, CyberDVonaven said:

I can agree with that. I'm only a Silver rank, but I play with Plats and Diamonds all the time. And even they act like that many times. I'll suggest with just let the enemy have a first or second spawn of the objective and push hard down lanes and they will refuse and act like I'm a complete idiot for even suggesting such a thing. And tell me something like 'NO! You ALWAYS come do objective, Damn it!!! >:('

Yep.  Had a game where we lost because my team took a 3v5 against a non-curse tribute on Cursed Hollow because "YOU ALWAYS FIGHT THE OBJECTIVE".  They wiped and the other team just went core, despite being THREE WHOLE LEVELS BEHIND.

And this was Platinum 5.

As much as I like HotS forcing engagement via objectives, I feel that they make people go stupid sometimesalways.

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      Heroes Rework: Valla
      Basic Attack Damage decreased from 75 to 70. Multishot [W] Damage decreased from 172 to 165. Talents
      Level 1 Caltrops [E] Removed. Puncturing Arrow [Q] Moved from Level 4. New Functionality: Increase the bounces of Hungering Arrow by 1. Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes the initial shot of Hungering Arrow permanently increases the initial shot damage by 6 and refunds 40 Mana. (New) Fire At Will [W] Every enemy Hero hit by Multishot grants 2 Hatred. Quest: Enemy Heroes hit by Multishot permanently increase its damage by 4. Creed of the Hunter [Trait] Moved from Level 4. New Functionality: Loan: Gain 20% increased Attack Speed. Every death reduces this bonus by 5%. Quest: Every 50 Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes, increase your damage per Hatred stack by 1%, up to 5%. Level 4 Repeating Arrow [Q/E] Moved from Level 7. New Functionality: Vault no longer has a Mana cost. Vaulting instantly refreshes the cooldown of Hungering Arrow. Arsenal [W] New Functionality: Increase the range of Multishot by 20%. It launches 3 grenades that deal bonus damage and restore 25 Mana when hitting enemy Heroes. Death Dealer [E] Added Functionality: Lower the cooldown of Vault by 5 seconds. Increase the damage bonus of Vault from 50 to 150%. If the target dies within 1.5 seconds, refund 50 Mana and refresh the cooldown on Vault. Level 7 Monster Hunter [Q] Moved from Level 1. No longer reduces the Mana cost of Hungering Arrow. Frost Shot [Q/W] Moved from Level 16. New Functionality: Enemies hit by Multishot are Slowed by 20% for 2.5 seconds. Hungering Arrow deals 25% more damage to Slowed enemies. Hot Pursuit [Trait] Moved from Level 1. New Functionality: Increase the Movement Speed bonus per Hatred stack to 2.5%. Level 13 Siphoning Arrow [Q] Renamed to ‘Siphoning Arrows’. New Functionality: Every Hero hit by Hungering Arrow heals Valla for 4% of her maximum Health. Every Hero hit by Multishot heals Valla for 2% of her maximum Health. Tempered By Discipline [Trait] New Functionality: Basic Attacks heal for 10% of damage dealt. Increase this by an additional 2% for each stack of Hatred. Gloom [Active] Additional Functionality: Heal for 2.5 Health per second for each stack of Hatred. Level 16 Punishment [W] Moved from Level 7. New Functionality: While at max Hatred Multishot’s cooldown refreshes 50% faster. Seething Hatred New Functionality: While at max Hatred, all damage you deal is increased by 10%. Level 20 Death Siphon [R1] New Functionality: Hitting an enemy Hero with Strafe increases its duration by .125 seconds. Passive: While Strafing, throw out piercing bolts that deal 34 damage and heal for 25% of their damage dealt. Storm of Vengeance [R2] New Functionality: Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes reduce the cooldown of Rain of Vengeance by 5 seconds. Passive: Every stack of Hatred grants 2% Attack Speed. When at max Hatred, gain an additional 30% Attack Speed. Farflight Quiver [Trait] New Functionality: Gain 20% Basic Attack range. At max Hatred, increase this by an additional 30%. (New) Acrobat [E] Gain 2 additional charges of Vault. Vaulting drops 3 Caltrops. Return to Top
      Health reduced from 2675 to 2625. Health regeneration reduced from 5.5742 to 5.5703. Talents
      Level 1 Ice Storm [W] Periodic damage reduced from 45 to 42. Heat Transfer [Passive] Heal amount reduced from 18 to 16.5. Level 4 Cold Front [E] Passive cooldown reduction reduced from 4 to 3 seconds. Level 10 Ice Wall [R2] Cooldown increased from 50 to 60 seconds. D.Va
      Mech Health reduced from 2150 to 2100. Mech Health Regeneration reduced from 4.48 to 4.38. Fusion Cannons [Trait] Bonus damage to close enemies reduced from 50% to 40%. Talents
      Level 1 Full Metal [Trait] Fusion Cannons healing reduced from 20% to 16%. Liquid Cooling [Active] Healing Fountain duration bonus increased from 25% to 35%. Level 4 Rush-down [Q] Damage bonus to non-Heroic enemies reduced from 70% to 50%. Aggression Matrix [W] Reduced Healing received increased from 30% to 35%. Level 7 Fusion Generator [W] Fusion Cannons bonus increased from 75% to 100%. Level 10 Micro Missiles [R2] Slow reduced from 35% to 30%. Level 13 Target Locked [W] Duration required reduced from 1.25 seconds to 1 second. Level 20 Stop and Pop [R1] Additional Functionality: Bunny Hop duration increased by 4 seconds. Hogger
      Hogg Wild [E] Radius reduced from 2.75 to 2.625. Damage increased from 32 to 44. Damage bonus per point of Rage reduced from 1% to .5%. Changed Functionality: Damage bonus from Rage now only applies to Heroic targets. Talents
      Level 1 On The Prowl [Active] Healing per second reduced from 9 to 8. Level 4 Brute Force [Q/D] Loot Hoard range bonus increased from 15 to 20%. Maximum damage bonus increased from 125 to 150. Additional Functionality: Increase Loot Hoard’s damage by 50%. Aggro Range [E] Radius bonus decreased from 25% to 20%. Level 13 Pummel [E] Spell Power reduction duration reduced from 3 to 2 seconds. Level 20 No Control [Active] Duration decay rate increased by 50%. Sonya
      Level 1 Furious Blow [W] Damage bonus reduced from 50% to 40%. Level 4 Shattered Ground [W] Changed Functionality: Increase Seismic Slam's splash damage by 250%. Targeting a Hero with Seismic Slam further increases its splash damage by 250%, while targeting other enemies instead increases the length of Seismic Slam's splash by 66%. Level 16 Giant Slammer [W] Healing from damage dealt reduced from 100% to 60%. The Lost Vikings
      Baleog Health reduced from 1180 to 1130. Health Regeneration reduced from 2.46 to 2.35. Basic Attack damage reduced from 78 to 75. Erik Health reduced from 840 to 804. Health Regeneration reduced from 1.75 to 1.67. Basic Attack damage reduced from 65 to 62. Olaf Health reduced from 1540 to 1482. Health Regeneration reduced from 3.21 to 3.08. Basic Attack damage reduced from 57 to 54. Talents
      Level 4 It's a Sabotage! [Passive] Damage over time duration reduced from 5 to 3 seconds. Damage per second increased from 50 to 75. Level 7 Norse Force! [Q] Base Shield increased from 130 to 140. Additional Shield for each Viking alive increased from 65 to 84. Level 10 Longboat Raid! [R2] Damage per second increased from 112 to 128. Level 16 Impatience Is a Virtue [Passive] Cooldown reduction increased from .25 seconds to .31 seconds. 64 KB Marathon [Z] Changed Functionality: Bonus Movement Speed no longer decays over its duration. Level 20 Ragnarok 'n' Roll! [R1] Additional Functionality: Reduce the cooldown of Longboat Raid by 30 seconds. Lucio
      Level 1 Party Mix [W] New Functionality: Quest: Play Crossfade tracks to nearby allies. Reward: Every minute played increases Lucio’s Maximum Mana by 2%. After 8 Minutes of total play time, increase the range of Crossfade by 20%. Level 7 Boombox [Active] Cast range increased by 100% (5 to 10 grid). Health increased from 350 to 600. Additional Functionality: Allies affected by Boombox gain 5 Armor. Level 10 High Five [R2] Self-heal reduced from 125 to 80. Level 13 Slip [Z] Armor reduced from 20 to 15. Level 16 Up To Eleven [E] New Functionality: Increase the duration of Amp It Up by 1 second. While Amp It Up is active, enemy Heroes hit with Soundwave or Push-Off increase it’s duration by an additional .3 seconds. Level 20 Mixing Fire [R2] Damage dealt reduced from 225 to 160. Cost and cooldown reduction reduced from 50% to 30%. Uther
      Devotion [Trait] Adjusted Functionality: Uther’s Basic Abilities grant 25 Armor to allied Heroes, and 15 to Uther, for 2 seconds. Talents
      Level 16 Beacon of Light [Q] Self-healing bonus increased from 100% to 125%. Self-healing bonus at low Health increased from 200% to 250%. Tyr's Deliverance [W] Maximum stacks increased from 4 to 7. Level 20 Divine Protection [Trait] Additional Functionality: Sets Devotion Armor for both allied Heroes and Uther to 50. Azmodan
      Globe of Annihilation [Q] Level scaling increased from 2.5 to 4%. Talents
      Level 1 Greed [Q] Non-Heroic damage bonus reduced from 20 to 15%. Gluttony [Q] Annihilation earned from Hero hits increased from 3 to 4. Level 7 Master of Destruction [E] Annihilation earned from Hero hits reduced from 4 to 2. Level 10 Demonic Invasion [R1] Range decreased from 20 to 13.5. Demonic Grunt attack damage reduced from 42 to 39. Level 16 Hell Rift [E] Demon Warrior damage bonus reduced from 100 to 75%. Level 20 Siegebreaker [R1] Damage bonus reduced from 50 to 40%. Pride [Q] Damage bonus increased from 100 to 125. Falstad
      Lightning Rod [W] Lightning Rod verifies its targets is in range more frequently, from every second to every .25 seconds. Lightning Rod now uses a custom range indicator. Talents
      Level 1 Gathering Storm [Q] Hammerang damage bonus per stack increased from 0.2% to 0.4%. Dishonorable Discharge [W] Lightning Rod cooldown reduction reduced from 3 to 2 seconds. Lightning Rod damage bonus per stack decreased from 1% to .75%, maximum bonus remains 75%. Changed Functionality: Takedowns resetting Lightning Rod's cooldown now gained on quest completion. Level 13 Thunderstrikes [W] Damage bonus per stack increased from 20% to 25%. Changed Functionality: Thunderstrikes' damage bonus no longer affects other Lightning Rod bonuses. Junkrat
      Frag Launcher [Q] Damage increased from 118 to 124. Talents
      Level 1 Extra-Wound Timers [Q] Damage bonus increased from 80% to 120%. Level 7 Big As [E] Additional Functionality: Steel Trap only hits Heroes. Level 10 Rocket Ride [R2] Damage increased from 890 to 935. Tassadar
      Shock Ray [Q] Channel duration reduced from .75 to .6875 seconds. Talents
      Level 4 Induction [Q] Changed Functionality: Tassadar gains 10% increased Movement Speed. Casting Shock Ray increases this bonus to 30% for 3 seconds. Level 7 Beam Alignment [Q] Mana cost reduction increased from 10 to 15. Additional Functionality: While Resonance Beam is fully charged, Shock Ray’s Slow duration is increased to 4 seconds. Level 13 Shadow Walk [Active] Armor increased from 25 to 35. Return to Top
      Bug Fixes
      Added Warhead Junction to Ranked Play. Removed Volskaya from Ranked Play. Heroes
      E.T.C. Crowd Surfer no longer causes spells queued after Powerslide to be cast without an animation. Rexxar Casting Misha, Charge! and Misha Focus! at the same time will no longer occasionally cancel the ability. Uther Tyr's Deliverance no longer increases Uther's Holy Light self Healing. Return to Top
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    • By Staff
      There's a new type of talent coming to Heroes of the Storm, as Blizz_Daybringer revealed on r/heroesofthestorm today. Loan talents are ment to be "the opposite of quests", as they give a lot of power up-front and then become weaker and weaker, with the Johanna example we got losing one quarter of it's power with each death, so they will lose some effect when something negative happens. 
      Loan Talents (source)
      Good morning Heroes!
      There is some new content coming right around the corner and I wanted to take a quick minute to share something that will be entering the Nexus shortly - Loan Talents. Here is a sneak-peek at one of them:
      Divine Fortress
      Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes grant 15 Physical Armor for 3 seconds, stacking up to 60.
      Loan: Johanna gains 20% maximum Health. Lose 5% of this bonus every time she dies.
      The idea behind these was to give fairly substantial up-front power spikes that can either help carry you to victory or potentially lose potency over time - think of them as sort of 'reverse-quests'. Play smart and they can be extremely powerful over the course of the game, but know that by choosing it, you also put a pretty substantial target over your head... cough, Convection, cough.
      Anyways, the team is excited to see what you think about these and get them into your hands as soon as possible! Have a wonderful day and we will see you in the Nexus! ❤️
    • By Staff
      The Icy Veins Masters Clash Championship continues today at 6 PM Paris time. Check out the schedule of all upcoming matches for this weekend!
      About the Event
      Masters Clash Championship is a Heroes of the Storm tournament sponsored by Icy Veins, where teams compete for a prize pool of 10,000 EUR.
      Event Schedule
      May 1 (Saturday)
      Match 1: Inting for Ruby vs. The Hardos at 6:00 PM Paris time Match 2: ArthasStroitHram vs. SoundLess at 8:00 PM Paris time. May 2 (Sunday)
      Match 1: Go Next vs. 30K at 6:00 PM Paris time. Match 2: The donuts vs. Chilly Mountain at 8:00 PM Paris time. Here is the exact schedule of all the matches for this weekend.

      Head over to the official site for more details about the event
      Where to Watch
       English stream (Khaldor)  French stream (Malganyr)  German stream (TazzDingo)  Russian stream (Noizen)  Spanish stream (Orhy)
    • By Staff
      The Icy Veins Masters Clash Championship continues tomorrow at 6 PM Paris time. Check out the schedule of upcoming matches for this weekend!
      About the Event
      Masters Clash Championship is a Heroes of the Storm tournament sponsored by Icy Veins, where teams compete for a prize pool of 10,000 EUR.
      Event Schedule
      April 24 (Saturday)
      Match 1: The donuts vs. Inting for Ruby at 6:00 PM Paris time Match 2: SoundLess vs. SoundLess at 8:00 PM Paris time. April 25 (Sunday)
      Match 1: Go Next vs. ArthasStroitHram at 6:00 PM Paris time. Match 2: The Hardos vs. 30K at 8:00 PM Paris time. Here is the exact schedule of the upcoming matches for this weekend.

      Head over to the official site for more details.
      Where to Watch
       English stream (Khaldor)  French stream (Malganyr)  German stream (TazzDingo)  Russian stream (Noizen)  Spanish stream (Orhy)
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