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How can a 110 level character access pre-legion raids an dungeons?

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title says it all.

i boosted a level 110 character today. and out of curiousity i looked at the dungeon finder. but all that was listed was legion dungeons and raids

is there any way i could access a lower level dungeon or raid (like icecrown) with my character?

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5 hours ago, knight85 said:

i actually took my 110 character to the entrance of the ragefire cavern in orgrimar today but he couldnt get past the portal.

any ideas?

Boosted characters need to wait 24 hours before accessing pre legion dungeon and raids I believe. 🙂

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how long has it been since you boosted? you can't enter old dungeons and raids with a boosted char for the first 24 hours (not sure if realtime or playtime)

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