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What I’ve liked/disliked about returning to wow!

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Returned to wow after an 8 year break, I’m currently level 24-26, playing as my favorite, an affliction warlock. I chose the human race for three reasons; 1. I love SW. it’s simple and elegant. I loved the music there. I’ve played around SW before when it was the place to be, it’s easier than, say, Orgrimarr. 2. Nostalgia. 3. Increased reputation from the human buff. 


Things I’ve enjoyed or are looking forward to upon my return:


-I can start fresh and play through everything again at my leisure. Quests have changed, storylines have moved on, it’s like a brand new game and that nostalgic feeling all in one. 


-I’m far behind everyone. This is actually a good thing. I’m so far behind that I know I won’t catch up any time soon. So I don’t try to. It lets me go at my pace. 


-Areas leveling as you do, so you can keep up to date with the storylines and not just breeze through because you returned to an area 5 levels higher than before. It’s still a breeze, just not as easy as if there were grey mobs. 


Things I don’t like or won’t look forward to:


-That sense of running deadmines and wiping, then running again and again, because it was new and exciting. Groups I’ve found for dungeons don’t want to talk, they just rush through because they’ve done it so many times with many characters. 


-You don’t have dozens of players all fighting over the same mobs. It was annoying. But it was also refreshing to see so many around. 


-Figuring out what to sell for gold income at the AH. Nothing I have it anywhere close to current, so I picked herbalism and mining because at least those can be used by several profs. I might switch out for one tailoring if it doesn’t sell enough, just so I can disenchant greens via questing.

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