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    • By Stan
      We are looking at tier lists of all specs in Mythic+ based on the data from benched.me.
      In addition to our most popular DPS / tank + healer series, we thought it would be a good time to look at tier lists for Mythic+ now that benched.me has been updated with a new feature.
      All the data used in this article is taken directly from benched.me, a site created by u/OtherwiseUniversity, and it is updated every hour. It is also different from our Shadowlands Mythic+ Rankings maintained by Petko.
      How the Data is Calculated
      To rank all specializations, benched.me uses the Meta Ratio score. The "ratio" is between the specialization's representation in the meta vs. its representation in the population. For instance, a spec makes up 3% of all players in the population, but 6% in the meta, which means that spec's ratio is 6% / 3% = 2.
      The site defines the "population" as all keys level 2 through 15, and the "meta" as keys 16 and above.
      Furthermore, we can break down specs into tiers based on their ratio as follows:
      S-Tier: Ratio of at least 1.5. A-Tier: Ratio between 1 and 1.5. B-Tier: Ratio between 0.5 and 1. C-Tier: Ratio below 0.5, but greater than 0. F-Tier: Ratio of 0 (the spec isn't present in the high-level bin at all). Spec Tier List for Mythic+
      Here's how the individual specializations are categorized into tier lists based on their ratio. We only list S and A-Tier, but you can find the remaining tiers in the image linked below.
      Fire Mage - 2.11 ratio; Outlaw Rogue - 1.77 ratio; Balance Druid - 1.75 ratio; Vengeance Demon Hunter - 1.74 ratio. A-Tier
      Marksmanship Hunter - 1.43 ratio; Restoration Shaman - 1.43 ratio; Windwalker Monk - 1.40 ratio; Brewmaster Monk - 1.34 ratio; Affliction Warlock - 1.33 ratio; Holy Paladin - 1.28 ratio; Discipline Priest - 1.08 ratio.
    • By Stan
      The Nightborne don't really have many customization options, so Sharashaska took the matter into their own hands and came up with this fan-made overhaul of the Nightborne customization options using Blizzard's assets.
      Magic Hands are an elegant customization option Sharashaska came up with.

      You can find all the proposed customization options in the following video.
      Source: Reddit
    • By Starym
      It seems the rumors of a Diablo 2 remastered might have been very much on the mark, as Activision-owned studio Vicarious Visions, most known for their work on porting Destiny 2 to PC and helping Bungie develop the game during their time at Activision, is being merged into Blizzard!
      We talked about the Diablo 2: Resurrected remaster rumor a while ago, which claimed that VV was actually already working on it, as their recently finished up two major remasters (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2, the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy) would make them a perfect fit. The rumor was backed up by some job listings at both Blizzard and VV more recently, and now we have two reports saying that the entire Vicarious Visions studio will be merged into Blizzard.
      The move was first reported by GamesIndustry.biz, where an Activision representative said this:
      Vicarious Vision's 200-strong staff will be working to support Blizzard, with their studio head Jen Oneal now promoted to Blizzard executive vice president of development, reporting directly to Blizzard president J.Allen Brack. The studio won't be moving, however, but will instead stay in Albany, New York and work from there.

      Image courtesy of DBLTAP.
      The second report on the situation comes from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, who wrote an expose on how Blizzard's Classic Games division was dismantled and that not only will Vicarious Visions be filling that position, they've already been working with Blizzard for months (presumably on the rumored Diablo 2 remaster). As you'd imagine, the bungled Warcraft 3: Reforged release had a lot to do with all this, and the same Blizzard team was supposed to do the D2 remaster as well. After the Reforged launch the D2 remaster was moved to the Diablo 4 team, who were then apparently assisted by Vicarious Visions. Schreier goes into a lot more detail on how the Classic Games division was removed, and it's a very interesting read, especially if you like to hear about Blizzard's internal workings. Also to note, WoW Classic has nothing to do with the Classic Games team, as it's developed by, well, the WoW team.
      The bottom line is that Blizzard has actually received some pretty talented help, as Vicarious Visions work with Bungie was very solid, and they showed they could indeed work with a big studio and keep the original visions intact. It also might mean a somewhat faster pace of Blizzard releases in the future, without any quality loss, so it's all sounding like good news to us, despite Schreier's somewhat different view on the subject:

      So, what do you think? Is evil Activision trying to play control games with Blizzard or is this just a solid studio added to help Blizzard out?
    • By Staff
      The last hotfixes of the week are in! 
      January 22 (source)
      Fixed an issue where Fallen Acolyte Ersine would not grant credit for the achievement Adventurer of Bastion. Classes
      Hunter Marksmanship Explosive Shot (Talent) will now only show up as a debuff on the enemy's nameplate for the Hunter who casts it. Mage Will to Survive (Human Racial) and Gladiator's Medallion trinket will no longer prevent Mages from pressing Alter Time again to return to their previous location. Shaman Using Spiritwalker's Grace while already channeling Fae Transfusion (Night Fae Ability) will no longer interrupt Fae Transfusion's channel. Spiritwalker's Grace now allows you to use Fleshcraft (Necrolord Ability) while moving. Covenants
      Venthyr The point of interest indicator for “Beast Control” should now be easier to see on the map. Prince Renathal’s Decree is now removed from your inventory after turning in “Fangs and Minds.” Creatures and NPCs
      Fixed an issue where some Horde characters could not see the refugees from the Undercity in Orgrimmar and some Alliance characters could not see the refugees from Teldrassil in Stormwind. Dungeons and Raids
      Castle Nathria Lady Inerva Darkvein Bottled Anima no longer targets player pets and guardians. Mists of Tirna Scithe Tirnenn Villager’s Overgrowth can no longer gain the Bolstered effect on Mythic Keystone difficulty. Mistcaller Illusionary Vulpin is no longer immune to Death Grip and disorient abilities. Illusionary Vulpin will now recast Freeze Tag Fixation if Freeze Tag Fixation is cancelled. Timewalking Grim Batol Resolved an issue in which Hooked Net could sometimes fail to correctly summon the Hooked Net enemy, permanently rooting players. Items and Rewards
      Upgrading a PvP item by spending Honor will now remove the ability to refund that item. Fixed an issue where the Bastion treasure at the Grace of the Remembered could experience issues for players who left quickly after interacting with the Drink Tray. The mana return of the Show of Faith and Corrupted Egg Shell trinkets has been reduced to be in line with items of comparable item level. Ripe Purians can no longer be traded or sold on the Auction House. Torghast, Tower of the Damned
      Fixed an issue where some spells were not showing a portion of their visuals if Projected Textures was disabled in the System Settings menu. Anima Powers Hunter Neural Pet Enhancer will no longer sometimes incorrectly be retained on your pet while not using Eyes of the Beast. Rogue Resolved an issue that could cause Unceasing Chain Link to cease functioning after ascending a floor.  
    • By Staff
      There's some significant PvP tuning coming next week and Blizzard have detailed it:
      PvP Tuning (source)
      We’re working on a new set of PvP tuning changes that will be applied to the game with weekly maintenance in each region (January 26 in this region). Here’s what we’re currently testing:
      Player vs. Player
      Players now deal 20% less damage to Death Knight, Hunter, and Warlock pets. In 2v2 Arenas, Dampening will begin at 20% when both teams have either a tank or healer. Druid Convoke the Spirits no longer casts Full Moon and Feral Frenzy when engaged in combat with enemy players. Mage Triune Ward (legendary) now provides 50% effective barriers (was 65%) in PvP situations.** Fire Infernal Cascade (conduit) effectiveness reduced by 33% in PvP situations. Paladin Holy Divine Favor (Honor Talent) cooldown increased to 30 seconds (was 25 seconds), and now increases cast speed by 30% (was 60%). Protection, Retribution Word of Glory’s healing has been reduced by 20% in PVP situations. As always, we’ll post updates if we make changes to the changes, and the final adjustments will appear in our hotfixes update soon after they go live.
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