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Talanji's Expedition Reputation

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    • By Stan
      Here is a summary of the latest Priest changes from the 9.1 PTR.
      Atonement's damage and healing transfer increased by 20% in PvP combat. Holy
      Flash Heal's effectiveness increased by 15% in PvP combat. PvP Talents
      Cardinal Mending - Prayer of Mending now heals the target for 10% of their maximum health, ignoring any healing reduction effects. Prayer of Mending's healing is increased by 50% and its jump range is increased by 10 yds. Greater Heal - An exceptional spell that heals an ally for 65% of their maximum health, ignoring any healing reduction effects. Cooldown reduced to 12 seconds (was 15). Searing Light renamed to Blaze of Light and changed: The damage of your Smite is increased by 15%. When you deal damage with Smite the cooldown of your Penance is reduced by 1 sec. The damage of your Smite and Penance is increased by 15%, and Penance increases or decreases your target's movement speed by 40%. Greater Fade duration reduced to 3 seconds (was 4). Miracle Worker - Holy Word: Serenity now has 2 charges and a 25% 20% reduced cooldown. Ultimate Radiance - Your Power Word: Radiance is now instant cast and the healing is increased by 250% 150%. Thoughtsteal's "Confused" spell that players are afflicted with after being Thoughtstolen is now a 20-sec cooldown to indicate the duration of the lockout. Trinity no longer increases Atonements damage to healing transfer by 20% and the critical strike chance of Smite, Penance, and Shadowfiend has been increased to 30% (was 25%). Divine Ascension - You ascend into the air out of harm's way. While floating, your spell range is increased by 50%, but you are only able to cast Holy spells. Inner Light and Darkness (New PvP Talent) added. Activate to swap from one effect to the other. Inner Light: Healing spells cost 15% less mana. Inner Darkness: Spell damage and Atonement healing increased by 10%.
    • By Starym
      There's been quite a few bosses tested on the PTR in the Sanctum of Domination already so we'll be taking a look at a bunch of videos, to get a good feel for each of them in the upcoming patch! In terms of highlights so far, Kel'thuzad, the penultimate boss, has received a lot of praise as being really well designed, Soulrender is the new Heigan with a bit of a safety dance mechanic (and Garrosh present), the Remnant of Ner'zhul strips down and the Tarragrue gives us anima powers!
      Let's start at the beginning with the first boss, the Tarragrue, where we actually get 4 anima powers to play with, at least until the 10% mark when he gets really pissed and takes them away:
      Then we have the Eye of the Jailer (aka Odyn's eye he traded to be able to see into the Shadowlands) with a whole lot of chains and gunk on the floor placement involved:
      Not that many videos on The Nine boss, where we face off against Sylvanas' Valkyrs:
      Then we have the Remnant of Ner'zhul where we take off his armor and reveal more and more of his actual self:
      And the dance begins with Soulrender Dormazain, as we inpolitely barge in on him draining Garrosh:
      Guardian of the First Ones is Patchwerk type fight where you have to recharge the boss by bringing it to one of three pillars or it will wipe everyone:
      Fatescribe Roh-Kalo is a really interesting one, with some puzzle/gimick type mechanics and a whole lot of space management, with the rotating floor with several rings acting as the "puzzle" where you have to bring the runes on the floor to a specific location:
      And finally there's Kel'thuzad, who has already received pretty big praise from several top end raiders, including current RWF champion Complexity Limit GM Max:
      So, the penultimate boss is shaping up really well, with some callbacks to his previous Naxxramas encounters (the adds and his mind control mostly), but we also get to go into his phylactery and fight him there! The fight keeps escalating as Kel'thuzad gets stronger and stronger as you push him lower, with the same 3 phases repeating:
      So, we're just missing Sylvanas and Painsmith Raznal to have seen the entirety of the SoD bosses, and then we just have to wait for the actual raid release to see what Mythic surprises Sylvanas has in store. The Kel'thuzad comments from top raiders are very encouraging, and that in conjunction with the generally positive Castle Nathria boss design feedback seems to bode very well for the new raid and the new race as well!
    • By Stan
      The latest Paladin class changes from the 9.1 PTR include Legendary Power tweaks, and various PvP talent adjustments.
      Legendary Powers
      Divine Resonance - Every 10 sec after casting Divine Toll you cast it again at 20% effectiveness. This effect lasts 30 sec. After casting Divine Toll you instantly cast Holy Shock every 5 sec. This effect lasts 30 sec. Duty-Bound Gavel - Vanquisher's Hammer gains 1 charge. Word of Glory empowers Light of Dawn twice. Vanquisher's Hammer gains 1 charge. An additional cast of Word of Glory (Holy, Protection)/Templar's Verdict (Retribution) is empowered. Radiant Embers - Ashen Hallow's duration is increased by 50%. If you leave its area, its cooldown is reduced by up to 50%, proportional to its remaining duration. Ashen Hallow's duration is increased by 50%. Leaving the hallowed area will end the effect and its cooldown will be reduced by up to 50%, proportional to its remaining duration. Seasons of Plenty - Casting Blessing of Summer or Blessing of Winter grants Solstice to you and up to 4 allies, increasing Haste by 5% and increasing cooldown recovery by 10% for 10 sec. Blessings of the Seasons' effectiveness is increased by 100% after 0 sec. This effect lasts for 10 sec. PvP Talents
      Aura of Reckoning Normal: When you or allies within your Aura are critically struck, gain Reckoning. Gain 1 additional stack if you are the victim. At 50 stacks of Reckoning, your next weapon swing deals 200% increased damage. Crusade: When you or allies within your Aura are critically struck, gain Reckoning. Gain 1 additional stack if you are the victim. Vengeance Aura - Whenever you or nearby allies within 40 yards become victim to a full loss of control effect, your Holy damage and critical strike chance is increased by 3% for 8 sec. Stacks up to 4 times. When a full loss of control effect is applied to your or an ally within your Aura, gain 6% critical strike chance for 8 sec. Max 2 stacks. Lawbringer - Judgment now applies Lawbringer to initial targets hit for 45 60 sec. Casting Judgment on an enemy causes all other enemies with your Lawbringer effect to suffer up to 5% 10% of their maximum health in Holy damage. Light's Grace - Increases the healing done by your Holy Light by 15% 25%, and your Holy Light reduces all damage the target receives by 15% for 5 sec. Judgments of the Pure has been redesigned - Casting Judgment on an enemy cleanses 1 Poison, Disease, and Magic effect they have caused on allies within your Aura. Ultimate Retribution has been redesigned - Mark an enemy player for retribution after they kill an ally within your Retribution Aura. If the marked enemy is slain within 8 sec, cast Redemption on the fallen ally.
    • By Stan
      Blizzard has changed Wailing Arrow, the ability granted to Hunters through the Legendary Bow from Sylvanas, and added a new PvP talent in the latest 9.1 PTR update.
      Wailing Arrow (Sylvanas Arrow Effect) - Fire an enchanted arrow, dealing [ 92.5% 185% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage to your target and an additional [ 37.5% 75% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage to all enemies within 8 yds of your target. Lesser creatures Targets struck by a Wailing Arrow are stunned silenced for 5 sec. 30 60 sec cooldown PvP Talents
      Tranquilizing Darts (New PvP Talent) added. Interrupting or removing effects with Tranquilizing Shot and Muzzle releases 8 darts at nearby enemies, each reducing the duration of a beneficial Magic effect by 4 sec.
    • By Stan
      Demon Hunters received brand new Legendary Powers and a new PvP talent in the latest 9.1 PTR build.
      Demon Hunter
      Legendary Powers
      Brand new DH Legendary Powers have been added on the 9.1 PTR.
      Agony Gaze - Sinful Brand deals 10% increased damage and Eye Beam damage increases the duration of Sinful Brand by 0.5 sec. Blazing Slaughter - The Hunt engulfs you with Immolation Aura upon reaching your target and you gain 3% Agility for 12 sec for each enemy hit. Blind Faith - Elysian Decree shatters 2 additional Lesser Soul Fragments and grants you Blind Faith for 20 sec. For each Lesser Soul Fragment you consume while Blind Faith is active you gain 1% Mastery and 10 Fury. Demonic Oath - When Fodder to the Flame's demon explodes it inflicts Fiery Brand to 5 nearby enemies for 5 sec. Additionally Shattered Soul's duration is increased by 8 sec. PvP Talents
      Blood Moon (New PvP Talent) added. Consume Magic now affects all enemies within 8 yards of the target. Spectral Sight allows you to slip into the shadows while standing still. Soulbind Conduits
      Unnatural Malice - Increase the damage of the Hunt's strike against its primary target by 5,000%. Increase the damage over time effect of The Hunt by 3,000%.
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