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Brewmaster Stats

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Is there any site or forum where i can see/compare stas. I have a 98lvl panda monk Brewmaster, pve leveling, tiny bit of dungeons(mainly for quests) what should my stats be at.  Non BFA.   side note is there some way to access pre BFA class guides? they all seem to be bfa.

i suppose for the leveling just take the better gear, which is really the problem. i have heirloom gear so that's generaly ok, but the quest stuff irritates me, some have +1 of main stats and say +4 haste -12 mastery, or some combination of both. so yeah i suppose the question is whats acceptable.
EG  Lvl 98 Brewmaster Monk

Agility 537
Stam 1 003
Arm 273
stagger 38%

Crit 20%
Haste 11%
Mastery 12%
Versatility 1%
Dodge 9%
Parry 3%

i get that  Agility means higher damage, Stamina is higher health.

Crit is 2x damage, and somehow increases healing( i assume from Ox spheres and mabey expel harm). is the crit/heal mainly raids/dungeons or does it apply for PvE as well

Haste is for cooldowns. With 11%  keg smash is 7.2 sec, which feels too slow personaly,

Mastery is damage mitigation

Versatility  increases outgoing damage, healing, and absorbs and to a lesser extent, reduces incoming damage"

So for Dungeons/Raids mastery is more wanted, as tank is more well tank and not her job to damage. But in PvE questing it should be Versatility for the killing, with stamina and mastery to level comfortable with.

Are my assumptions correct?

That's bare no food or potions, but with gear.

So any guides with numbers of what 'Acceptable' stats of per lvl is.. Like lvl 100 should have X sort of stats. Or is it
experience at WOW,play style and pure luck with drops and my dumb arse(f you spell check its arse) is gonna have to learn.
 i cant find pre bfa guides

is there a specific forum i should be asking this in?

PPS. Is it just my luck at dungeon loot but are items from dungeons comparable to items from questing. Its only when Guild stuff/Raids/High end no more leveling that gear gets noticeably above questing gear.  Leet Loot i belive you young's call it.

PPPS Well done if you got this far, find me in-game and ill buy you a beer.


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There are the Level guides on icy veins where u can move the slider for the character Level u want to spectate.

As the normal brewmaster guide says u should have 14 % haste so it doesn't feel that clunky to Play with the cd's.

For leveling i would recommend u to just go for agility over all and then to prefer krit, versitility and mastery the same (as the usual guide says) while maybe keeping an eye to still maintain the 14 % haste soft cap. I guess it's no big deal to ignore it for leveling but if  have the joice u can surely go for it.

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Well, even i just won't answer your questions, i'm just wondering why you so keen on states while you're leveling? You level that fast, you shouldn't bother if one item is a bit better than another. Basically you just run with Heirlooms and don't even look at other items on this sloots. If you don't have Heirlooms, then just take the item with highest itemlevel. The difference between some states is not noticable.

After you achieve maxlevel you can optimize your gear stateswise. But to be honest: after the changes Blizzard did with BFA, it seems you just have to equip max-item-level. If items have same level, you will sim it or just pick that one with better states for your class (can be read up in classguides).

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6 hours ago, Sauronsleftnut said:

i cant find pre bfa guides

Even if you could, it would be completely pointless. All classes change to certain degree each expansion, so stuff written in the Legion guide for example might no longer apply.

With that out of the way, now to your actual question.

First off, secondary stats don't matter until end game. Below max level you will never be able to achieve so much of a certain secondary stat that it will negatively affect you. So even if you have zero items with mastery or versatility at level 98, you will still be doing okay as a tank.

Second, primary stats are more important than secondary stats for the most part. So if one item as more agility than the other, you take the item with more agility.

Third, if two items have the same itemlevel (and thus the same amount of agility) you can just go with the priority list in the 8.0 Brewmaster guide. Not that it's necessary, like I said, stats don't really matter until end game.


So, what's acceptable? Wearing whatever you can find. Any drops and rewards will scale to your level, so you should never be undergeared.


BTW if you wanna know what the stats actually do in terms of damage and survivability for your specific class, again, that's all explained in the 8.0 guide.

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