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I need a new pc for Wow Bfa

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I need a new pc for wow...i have not played in over 3 years...and that old dell thats been collecting dust will not cut it.

Im looking to budget build anything from 700-1100.

I know frames drop all the time but looking for somthing solid to run reallly really good grphics settings with view distance at 7 and ground clutter and shadowing turned down...

Here is my current build....please tell me what i could upgrade or even downgrade to still run very well


Thank you 💪🏻

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I mean grab yourself a gtx980, a 4790k i7 processor, and an SSD, 8gigs of tam and you’ll be good to go within your price range. I know a lot of people will have these super specific builds, but those 4 components are what really matters. I built my PC for like 900 bucks and I run BfA at 70fps on full settings (i do have 16gig of ram instead of 8 tho.) The only other thing to leep an eye on is making sure your power supply is big enough to handle the load which you can figure out with a cursory google search. 


P.S. keep an eye on newegg.com they have really solid deals on components that change often.

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On 8/25/2018 at 6:28 PM, Kyleb4058 said:

that should be a more than sufficient system for BfA on max settings, 1080p60. 

Unless you unlock framerate or go with a higher resolution, the limiting factor will still be the CPU. Even with an overclocked Intel 8000 series (or AMD aequivalent) you might still get drops below 60 in some areas while flying, or looking far into the distance.

Personally I would go with a 1060 6GB just to leave some headroom for the future. I would also go with a larger SSD and scrap the HDD (unless you really need a data grave).

5 hours ago, CerealKiller08 said:

grab yourself a gtx980, a 4790k i7 processor, and an SSD, 8gigs of ram

no, please don't. I run similiar specs, and I really start to feel how old especially the CPU is. Yes, it's enough for gaming in general, but WoW really benefits from singlecore performance, even a current i3 outperforms any Haswell chip in that regard, and the 1150 platform is a dead-end in terms of upgradability. also a 1060 is just as fast as a 980 but much more efficient and runs cooler and quieter.

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