Blue Posts Roundup: September 5th

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The latest blue posts roundup covers Conquest rewards for the first week of the new PvP Season, Uldir difficulty, and Xavius requirement removal from the Good SuramaritanGood Suramaritan achievement.

Conquest Rewards Item Level 280?

The weapon reward you'll get after collecting 500 Conquest Points will be of item level 345, not 280, it's just a visual bug.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

280 ILVL from 500 conquest points?? IS this a bad joke?? How are we gonna get proper pvp gear like that?

Once you've hit the required Conquest Points you'll receive a quest where you can choose which weapon you want (based on the weapons your class can use), and the weapon will be of item level 345.

The 280 item level on the Conquest bar is a display error which should be fixed in an upcoming update.

Good SuramaritanGood Suramaritan No Longer Requires Xavius Kill

Defeating Xavius (The Stuff of Dreams) is no longer required to unlock the Nightborne.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Hey all,

This quest was actually just updated to no longer needing a Xavius kill.
The Nightfallen quest “The Stuff of Dreams” no longer requires defeating Xavius in Emerald Nightmare.
Good luck out in Suramar!

Uldir Difficulty & Pugs

Whereas the first three bosses pose no issues, Zul, Mythrax, and G'huun are a step up in difficulty for pugs that usually lack the the required coordination.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

I mean...Zul was a total nightmare. Mythrax is a question mark. Every fight in there just feels really hard. When we won, we BARELY won...every time. I can't even imagine Ghuun. These are supposed to be tuned for 340 ilvl people. But it honestly just feels like heroic in difficulty. For a first raid, it's just too hard for normal. I realize difficulty is good, etc. But keep in mind that an average 340 pug with zero consumables should be able to clear normal with maybe 1 or 2 wipes per boss. That's not what is happening here. These bosses seem to be tuned at that level of difficulty if you are 355 ilvl. It's just way off. Did anyone else feel this way about their normal pug runs? (If you ran it with your guild and cleared everything, and want to brag, I don't care. I am talking about pugs clearing NORMAL mode.)

There are just so many pass fail mechanics. It really seems like they will kill pugs this expansion.

Normal was fairly easily, I think the jump of difficulty when you get to Zul might be a little too harsh if anything but I wouldn't say they're too hard at all.

My entire raid on average is about 343 ish (I'm at 346), and the first three bosses we could almost ignore abilities. In fact we pulled Fetid Devourer and actually thought it was a mini boss and didn't realize we were fighting the actual boss until it was already at 50%.

The first three are going to be fairly easy to pug, but once you get to Zek'voz people will need to actually know what's going on. Zul, Mythrax, and G'huun might be a little difficult for a while considering pugs typically lack the coordination that is required there. You'll see pugs start to get it though once people have seen the fights more, its still the first week so this is pretty normal.

Stop sitting on the fence and form an opinion you are saying its easy but its also hard?

I did, I said I think the first three are fine but the difficulty ramp of Zek'voz and Zul feels a little off for normal in comparison to the first three.

No idea what if any changes are in the works for the raid at this point in time but I'm just sharing what my experience last night was with it.

You are a community manager for Blizzard and you didn't know it was a boss until it was 50%? How disconnected are you from the game?

My guild is very much not a Normal difficulty raiding group, we're definitely more Mythic focused, so normal isn't a challenge and instead we goof off in it, finding ways to kill each other, messing around with each other in voice chat, etc. It's pretty easy to be doing that and not paying attention to what you're pulling.

N-no one's going to point out Yth's accidental "it's still the first week so that seems pretty normal" pun?

I can't believe it too more than a page for someone to catch that, GD is getting slower ?

Unable To Face Cenarius In The Emerald Nightmare

Blizzard is aware of a bug that causes Malfurion not to port you to Cenarius. Have all members leave the raid and tell your raid leader to Reset All Instances.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Hello! I killed the five bosses before cenarius, returned to the core of the nightmare and malfurion just won't open the way to cenarius. Why?

Hey there Morkhaz,

We are indeed seeing some more reports about Malfurion not always being too helpful in porting characters to Xavius. There is a small work-around that you can try though. 

Good luck! ?

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Lol why would a community manager have to know anything about the raid and what is a boss and what isnt

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5 hours ago, Stan said:

display error

Yeah, hope my weekly M+ chest will be also give more ilvl armor than 209 : D

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I should hope it's a display error on the mythic chest. did a +4 and it says "210 ilvl" rewarded next week. lolwut?


 to be honest it better be much better than that. m0 give 340 by default. m+ better start increasing by 5 per rank ffs.

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