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Rextroy Vectis Solo in 0.5 Seconds

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Rextroy is back with another video after soloing MOTHER on Normal difficulty. This time around, it took him 0.5 seconds to defeat Vectis. It's no longer possible to execute this, because the bug (or clever use of gameplay mechanics?) has been hotfixed.

A buff that was supposed to reset after entering Uldir allowed him to one-shot Vectis with a single attack.

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1 minute ago, Hagersen said:

can someone explain to me what he just did?


Dragged a mob which applied a buff to him repeatedly, summoned into a raid where the buff shouldnot have applied, used the repeated stacks of buff to do unintended amounts of damage to a mob, in this case a raid boss, and 1shot it.

TLDR lol


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Blizzard must message this guy on a daily basis. Thank you for finding another bug dude, but please stop. Stop. For the love of mercy. Stop. STOP. Put the Avenging Wrath down. 

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12 million damage in one hit, nope totally balanced.

I'm just shaking my head that after he used the Waycrest infested debuff, he was able to take a different mob from a different instance and do essentially the same thing.

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2 hours ago, Tarazet said:

12 million damage in one hit, nope totally balanced.

I'm just shaking my head that after he used the Waycrest infested debuff, he was able to take a different mob from a different instance and do essentially the same thing.

This isn't in another instance, this was in Fort Daelin. But yea, he essentially abused the guards rallying buff or whatever and stacked it up to a x amount before killing the add. Pretty funny!

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23 hours ago, Borgoff33 said:

well this is 100% an exploit so this guy should be banned for atleast 24hours

Nah, the guy is paid to do this. He finds exploits on live that are easily replicated, reports them to Blizzard and uploads videos of them once they have acknowledged / rolled out a hotfix. Name is Josh something? 

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