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How do I post a deck?

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You can take a screenshot of your deck, upload it to any image website (eg. imgur), and share the link here.

You can get the deck code (Click the name of your deck, copy the code) and paste it here.

You can build the deck on Hearthpwn (it has a deck building function, where you create the deck from the start) and share the link of that page with us.

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All of this will sound complicated at first if you aren’t programming savvy, but it really is very simple.

First off, install the Script Installer 

Then select the scripts you wish to install. “Collection Enhancements” is the one that lets you upload your deck.

In your Collection when your decks are listed, there will be a Cloud Icon with an arrow inside of it. Clicking this will upload your decklist to one of the sites. Towards the bottom of screen there is a drop down text select box. The best option to select in there is ManaSpring.

Once you upload it, it will open a new window with your browser and upload your deck to the site. Click save towards the bottom right, and select the format you use. Landscape/Horizontal is the most common.

You can also just enter in each card manually on the site, but that honestly will take more time then it would to just install the script.

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