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Pestilence corpslance cooldown

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Hi new here and keen D3 Necromancer player and just want to say everyone complains about the cooldown but if played with selective Devour you can run through continuously killing all the time and only switch on devour as needy if hitting big groups or popping LOD.

I play on 2 computers with 2 necromancers same build 2 accounts using left and righ Razar Nago mice. Splits cooldown to about 35 sec.

only pushing GR 99 using left and right player solo, gets a bit busy watching both screens.

So try the selective devour and no waiting.


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To make the basic corps lance necro run like hell and still be able to kill well all you need to change is put in Corpsewhisper on your shoulders, in cube use Stuart’s greaves and ring of royal Grandeur.

no real need to chase other items as you will find this clears areas extremely fast and can keep up with a DH on speed.

Remember to only use Devour occasionally. When turned off mousing over a monster will drag corpses from the ground from far away. If neede back up to you corpses and corps lance kill fast. Only switch on in packs or LOD to wipe the area then switch off once main elite cleared.


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