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RESTO enchants and gems

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Hey all. Need a little help. There's some conflicting info on the web about what gems and enchants I should be using for raiding.  Gem wise, Icy Veins is basically saying just put Haste gems on everything except for the single Int gem we are allowed. Then also to enchant everything with Haste too. Whereas Mr Robot goes a different way and suggests Versatility enchants and gems except for the Weapon enchant which it says ought to be Coastal Surge. I'm confused and so any input from Resto experts that could help in clarifying this would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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I always found Mr Robot to be a bit... peculiar in it's choices. A better way to find out your stat weights is either the Twig It spreadsheet or the Healer Stat Weights add-on (links are in the guide).

Now, in general, it doesn't matter too much what you gem and enchant as a resto druid as long as you don't stack one stat too much to the point where you run into diminishing returns. However, there is a good chance that that's exactly what will happen in a raid due to Reorigination Array (if you have one of the traits, ofc), which gives you a major buff to your highest stat to a point where it will become your "worst" stat (meaning that every additional point in that stat will give you less of an HPS increase than any other stat would).

So, in essence it doesn't matter what you stack because once the buff applies your stat weights will be thrown completely out of whack anyway. The only way to really combat this is to gem your second best stat without it overtaking your best stat's rating. I personally don't think it's anything to worry about. If you plan on playing a second spec, just gem whatever that one would benefit most of, and if you play a lot of M+ it's also safe to just gem Mastery. Like I said, it doesn't matter too much for resto druids since our stats are extremely close in value.

The reason haste is generally our best stat is because the more haste we have, the more people we can blanket with HoTs while also increasing the effective healing of those HoTs. As an example, 20% haste would not only make our HoTs heal for 20% more, but we could also cast 20% more of them in the same window of time. Even if you can't utilize the second part fully due to mana management, it's still at least as good as crit, whereas Mastery only gets good in small groups or prolonged spothealing, and Versatility just scales worse per point rating (unless you count the damage reduction part as some sort of absorb, then its value comes down to how much damage you take during a fight).


TL;DR: Keep haste as your highest stat, but try keep a balance between all stats.

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