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Help - Ret Paladin :)

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Looking at your armory I see no huge red flags, I'll have to take a cost look when I get home where I can also see your logs but you seem to have your basics of stat priority in place and gemming doesn't look weird

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The biggest thing I would suggest changing, is SS for SH, this is because using SS becomes a HP waster if you use it the way it should be used, and SH FoL procs are a great emergency heal for you or other raid members. That's if you're using it during your actual raid. I'm also not seeing any DP procs during the big aoe fights, galakras and spoils to be exact, are you switching talents for those fights? 


Outside of all of that, on Norushen you should work a bit on keeping inq up a bit more, but I'm not seeing anything major on your logs. Of course I'm not the best ret ^.^ and I could be wrong on some of this, but this is talking from personal experience.


Also, glyphing hand of sacrifice is very useful and I would highly suggest it, along with divine protection.

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