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Top 3 BfA addons must have

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Today I'd like to share with you all my favorite BfA addons. Maybe someone will support me and maybe not. Or I will get some strong recommendations from you.
Anyway, let's get started.

1.  ElvUI

If you’re looking for a UI, you’ll be looking straight for ElvUI Enhanced (Again). Newly released for BFA, flat design styling. Addon to customize the UI to a frightening level.

It's effortless to set up for something that is such a massive overhaul, but holy shit I cannot imagine playing without it now

2.  MoveAnything

MoveAnything is always a must-have; it lets you move, hide, resize and disable almost all UI elements.
Because I don't raid anymore, I use it to free up so much screen space.

3.  JunkIt

JunkIt allows you to sell all grey vendor items with a single button press. No menus or set up, it just works and I often forget it's not part of the base game.

Also, try this:

  •  Bartender
  • Bagnon
  • Grid
  • GTFO
  • DBM


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I was hoping to see some BfA specific addons here, not just the usual subjects that everyone has been using for years now...

Anyway, here are my Top 3:

1. Azeroth Auto Pilot

The successor to ConsLegion. It essentially guides you through the entire BfA questing/leveling experience as fast as possible. (Probably gonna be irrelevant once people use invasions to level efficently.)

2. Azerite Power Weights

The Azerite Trait equivalent to Pawn's stat weights. Especially helpful for altoholics like me who can't remember all the damn tables and charts.

3. Azerite Tooltip

Does what the title says, it shows the (potential) traits of gear and the unlock level in the mouseover tooltip


Honorable mention toi Pa'ku Totems which shows you the location of all flight totems on the minimap.


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2 hours ago, Kiragamer said:

Hey, I tried Azeroth Auto Pilot but this addon is acting a little weird on my Rogue, every single time I log in, I get this 1 minute AFK timer(
Is there any info I can pull to help in debugging something like this?😱

Have you checked your questlog? You might have a quest that involves NPCs doing stuff while you wait. What does the addon say you should do once the timer has run out? Do you see an arrow that tells you where to go? If not, try /aap reset and the reset option in the config menu.

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