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Need help with BoS

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Hi guys,

I really need help with BoS. I used to love that play style, but things have obviously gotten harder in the meantime.

Right here on Icy Veins, I'm reading that the average up time of BoS without Bloodlust these days is "no more than approx. 20 seconds". Really, I am not even getting close to this! Somehow I don't manage to keep it up for more than 10 seconds max! Am I doing anything wrong?

I have skilled:

Cold Heart
Runic Attenuation
Death’s Reach
Frozen Pulse
Wraith Walk
Frostwyrm’s Fury
and of course BoS.

That's what I am doing:

- I wait until my Runic Power is nearly maximum (but at least 60-70)

- I wait until I have at least 3 runes ready for action

- then I'm popping Empower Rune Weapon, PoF and then BoS

Afterwards, I'm trying to keep up my Runic Power by using Obliterate and Remorseless Winter. I only use Howling Blast with Rime proccs (and only if I'm above 50 Runic Power).

But like I said - with the above method, I haven't managed yet to keep BoS up for more than 10 seconds. I spent a lot of time at the puppets last night trying to improve this, but to no avail....

Would be grateful for any hints.... thank you guys!



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Only thing I see that would alter the duration in any way is trying to pool at least 4 runes, so you can cast Obliterate two times before using ERW, or try using Horn of Winter to see if it works.

You could also just be having bad RNG, considering that BoS uptime depends strongly on Killing Machine and Runic Empowerment procs. Anyway, remember that the "20 seconds" mentioned in the guide are an average, and outliers will always exist.

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I usually go 100RP then BoS, PoF, ERW. Putting the extra GCD in between Breath and Empowered Rune lets your RP drop a little bit, then regen back up.

After that it's mostly spamming obliterate, but I do find when my RP starts dropping to around 30% it lasts longer if I start spamming howling blast, rather than waiting for 2 runes for obliterate which sometimes will cause you to run out of RP early.

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