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New to Paladin help!

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4 hours ago, jinsu2301 said:

Every ability you have at your disposal should be on your bars.

This. I don't know you if you already played WoW or if you completely new to the game. Unlike other MMORPG's, in WoW every ability has its use. Some of them are only enabled, if you select them in your talent-tier. So there might exists some abilities you won't use at all.

I think for all classes you can "assign" your abilities in different functionalities:

- Single target damage/heal-spells

- Multy target damage/heal-spells

- Minor and major damage/heal-cooldowns

- Minor and major survivability-cooldowns

- Crowd-Controls (CC)

- Buffs

- Spell-interruptions / spell-blockers

- Mob-controls (Stuns / Mob-Displacements / Slow-effects / Taunts)

- Movement (such as disengage, sprint etc.)

- Others (class-specific abilities such as misdirection as hunter)

I recommend to place your abilities in a proper way with shortcuts. This means - often used functionalities should be on "easy reachable" keys while low used abilities can be on keys a bit more difficult to reach. To see wich functionalities you generally need more or less (for PVE), i tried to give some colours:

- Used all the time

- Very often used

- Often used

- Not that often used

- Used here and there

Which ability fits to which functionality - this is something you have to find out yourself by reading what an ability does ? .

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Experiment. A lot. In practice the best actionbar layout is what you find the most convenient, but there are very few skills that I do not put on the actionbar (Shaman's Far Sight is one of those). WoW leveling process is a great way to find out which skill should go where. There are no universal rules, but as Allseye mentioned it's beneficial to tipify skills depending on their functionality, so learning new classes will be a lot easier.
Below is my mage's actionbar with some basic explanation.


Now while this is far from a perfectly constructed order, the thing is that my paladin's actionbar would look almost the same in terms of the abilities effect on the rotation. 1-3 is always the keys for the most important resource generators and spenders. So for a Retribution paladin this would be Crusader Strike, Templar's Verdict and Judgement. 4 would be assigned for Divine Steed, since it's an easy button to tap with your index finger whenever you need a quick speed boost. 0 would be assigned for Rebuke, that is a mandatory skill in both PvE and PvP. And so on. After about level 50-60 it's highly recommended to turn on the 2 extra actionbars on the bottom in the game options. By the time you hit maximum level you will definitely have an idea of how your toolbar should look.

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