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I noticed this the other week, and it's still like this.  The Free Heroes Rotation still says Dec 18 - 25, 2018 on the side of the Heroes pages.  I'm using Chrome, on the PC.  I've deleted cookies and tried opening in incognito mode as well, trying to figure out if it's on my end at all.  



Also Imperius isn't showing up for me on the Heroes drop down list (warriors).  If I go to his guide (I found it through the forums) I will see it on the drop down on that page, but not any other guide pages.


I just wanted to bring this to your attention.  This website is awesome!

EDIT: Imperius is now showing up in the Warrior section. 

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Thank you for posting! Blizzard changed some stuff on their website and it broke my free rotation stuff. It should be fixed now 😄

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