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Can't Decide Which Class ?

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Hi All .

I got a small problem that i cant choose the class .

I have 4 toons all on horde side and all blood elves .

I have frost dk , prot warrior , frost mage and warlock .

The problem is i dont wanna have all , i just wanna keep 1 and delete the others .

I like casters but i hate that tabard inside the robe thing and i hate minions in warlocks .

I like my warrior because i love the one handed sword and shield style but i suck in tank .

I like the dk but i feel its human class and its not fit with BE which they are 100% casters .

I know that i sound freak but really i wanna keep one and delete the others .

Im soooo good in Mages And DK .

Which class should i be , i cant decide .

PS All must be horde and BE .

Thanks ALL

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For some reason I'm compelled to recommend you make a night elf druid.


Or just play the mage. Nobody wears tabards anymore anyways.

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Any reason you have to delete the ones that aren't your favorite right now?  Unless you have run out of available slots to create new characters (which is possible but you didn't mention that) there's no real need to delete them.  

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