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Some questions about Prot Pally (Going from LFR -> Flex+)

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I've been playing WoW in and out and have recently decided to take it abit more serious (Flex+ instead of just LFR)

Keyword a bit more :P


I'm a Blood Elf Prot Pally with a Retribution Spec and had some questions and was needing some help getting into more Flex+ stuff.

I'm fairly green to anything past LFR tanking.. so pardon my ignorance and excuse my lack of understanding... >.<




This is my main character.

I don't have World of Logs installed so I'm not able to link anything about it. (Although I plan to install it ASAP) My Ret Spec seems to be underperforming neverthless. Back to the Prot Question:


1. I've been tanking since Cata (but nothing serious past LFR) and I'm looking to gear myself better for tanking. Reforging.../ gemming and gear

I have this in mind generally when I reforge..: {Haste <- {Hit7.5/Exp15}} -> Mastery/Stam -> Dodge/Parry

My question is what can I do to improve it?

Stat / Gear / Gemming / Glyphing

I've used AskMrDrRobot multiple times but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right still...


2. My PRIORITY rotation is such

{a. Holy Prism for snap pulls (AoE)}

i. CS/Hammer of Righteous

ii. Judgement
iii. Consecration

After reaching 3+ stacks of Holy Power
iv. SoTR (takes precedence over Consecration if it's single target)
v. Eternal Flame (for self-healing / Glyph proc) -> conditional: 4-5 Bastion of Glory Procs otherwise Shield of the Righetous takes precedence

vi. Holy Wrath (loses precedence over Consecration)
And for All targets lower than 20%

Hammer of Wrath takes precedence over Holy Wrath


What can I do to improve upon my rotation? I understand that what I ask can be fairly generic without giving you world of logs so sorry in advance.. I'm just learning to really tank past LFR and I get the feeling that I'm not doing something right still. I have no issues holding aggro or tank swapping (with the exception of Sha of Pride >.<)


Last question...

When transitioning from Prot -> Ret, I know that I can stay 7.5 Hit capped but I find it fustrating to always reforge to 7.5 expertise.


I'm not sure what I can do and would like suggestions on how to improve this.

What can I do to improve the transition from Prot -> Ret properly from a gear/gem/glyph standpoint?


PS Sorry for the long winded post.. just uncertain and a bit anxious on what to do

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Your rotation is fairly decent, however I believe you should be:


1. Avenger's Shield (With Grand Crusader Proc)

2. Crusader Strike (Hammer of the Righteous when AoE)

3. Judgement

4. Avenger's Shield (Without Grand Crusader Proc)

5. Tier 6 Talent (Execution Sentence, Light's Hammer)

6. Consecrate (4+ targets)

7. Holy Wrath (Regardless of # of targets)

8. Hammer of Wrath

9. Consecrate (Under 4 targets)

10. Tier 6 Talent (Holy Prism)



Your Stat Priority should be


Hit (7.5%) = Expertise (15%) > Haste > Mastery > Stamina > Dodge/Parry > Strength



Swapping between Prot and Ret can be annoying because of that 7.5% expertise, I recommend firstly getting a second set of gear when you can, so that you can set them up accordingly, however if you do not have this option, expertise from your weapon, tier, or trinkets will be your best bet, since you will want to have your ret tier, a 2H, and different trinkets in Ret compared to Prot. There aren't many expertise trinkets anymore, spell_holy_heal.jpgJi-Kun's Rising Winds being the only remaining useful trinket that has expertise. It's also a pretty bad trinket anyways, so don't get it solely for the expertise. Fortunately there are plenty of Expertise 1H weapons that you can get, and your tier comes with some expertise on its own, so you can balance your sets based on that.



Right now AskMrRobot has a method of bringing you to a slightly better point, giving you 2% haste at the cost of .8% mastery.




Hope this post helps you!

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