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Challenge modes (Holy Paladin looking for Advice)

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So ive been working on Challenge modes, 2 close gold at Brewery and Scholo, but group called it after few buggy and lag spikes which we all experienced.


Okay, so ive been wondering about gemming and reforging, see i reforge into haste and gemmed into Int/Haste in orange slots, and some other pure red gems into complete intellect.


I don't have problems healing with this, but still i get oom at some fights, mostly at the bunny fight in brewery. People will suggest DPS, i could see that being a problem.


Okay so here it is, what am i doing wrong? is my gemming off? my reforges? i got 20 sockets. 

Lately i've seen a few top Paladin healers with world records, one really struck me.




Now, this makes sense, since im a pvper, and Crit is the way to go, i might try this, but i was just wondering, would this be good? are you guys doing it now?


I know that some people will say " only if your going for world records " but the thing is , i want golds.

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That's pretty good if you're going for crit. The couple things I would change would maybe try to get a leí shen neck with 2 blue sockets (might yield more crit, not sure) and a relic of chi-ji. IMO, horridons + chi-ji are best for healing because of the passive int being so useful.

As for stats, I think crit or mastery would both be useful for challenge modes. Though I would maybe switch your sword to the jinrohk sword in ToT if you're lacking in spirit (remember you can add an extra prismatic socket to that as well). I can't think of a spirit/crit offhand though.

For talents I would go with selfless healer instead of Ef, possible holy avenger for the places you need that massive throughput, and holy prism or most dungeons or lights hammer for an hard aoe areas.

Remember, YOU CAN switch talents mid dungeon, just stay behind and then use speed of light to catch up. On my very first run of brewery over a year ago on my druid I had to switch to boomkin to help with some hard trash packs at the end.

Lastly, I don't think this would be a problem with paladins, but to circumvent the problem of switching talents that are on cool down, just have 2 holy specs that have the differing talents. If you want to save your ret action bars I would recommend the add on action bar saver (ABS)

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First if all, thank you Krazyito for reading and replying to me :)


Okay, i don't want you to be lost, thats not me, thats just one of the top paladin challenge mode healers with world records, but you could see, yeah im thinking of the same concept as going and trying Crit.


Yeah, i got those 2 trinkets, and have been using them, and i might check that sword from Jinrohk. I'll get deep for an off-hand, most likely what he is using i guess.


I wonder why Selfless healer than EF? is it because flash of heal spam?, and yeah Holy Avenger is my best bet, well thats what works for me anyway. And yeah i chose Light's hammer , and is always  off CD when on a fight of both AOE or just a boss.


Yeah the brewery one, i had to switch ret all the time, but wouldn't get my Lust ;s, thats one of the problem we faced, that some of us wouldn't get lust.

And ill look into Action Bar Saver ;)


Thank you so much! :)

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Well, selfless healer because you have more holy power generation with judgement and you have more options to do quick big heals with flash of light + WoG which you may have to do often. That's just an idea though, I don't play paladin as often as I would like, so use what ever feels better.

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